Round 1 v Swans at Tamworth

The team for the first round is:

B A. Walsh J. Webber A. Fisher
HB N. McBride P. Hunt R. O’Brien
C J. Mahy M. Maxwell D. McGrath
HF W. Whitby J. Sartor B. Meehan
F S. Hanks G. Northway R. Whitby
RR T. Hunt M. Kelly G. McKenzie

Interchange: M. Curren, N. Moran, K. Pascoe, M. Dennis

Meet at Bellevue at 11am on Saturday.

4 Responses to “Round 1 v Swans at Tamworth”

  1. concerned supporter Says:

    Why is Starry in the back pocket? Has he been bought off by the Swans?

  2. swans supoorter Says:

    Yeah. And only $5!

  3. Ron Says:

    Selection committees work in mysterious ways. Then again, they might just have been typed in in the wrong order. Guess we’ll all know on Saturday.

  4. Nomads Nuff Nuff Says:

    Good to see the Swans are as smart as they say they are – can spell – filth!!! Norm must have had an accident with the make-up on jumper pres night – doesn’t llok too healthy.

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