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24 Responses to “Guestbook”

  1. Nob Says:

    Just having a look at the jumper preso photos. Has the great Sargents # 13 been retired??
    Also, whats the good word on the old jumpers, I left without getting my hands on one sadly, and seeing as I’m back on the Aussie Rules paddock in Shep a Nomads jumper would assist me in at least looking like a footy player.
    Cheers, Nob

  2. #38 Says:

    Hey Guys, just a little followup to the big news in the AFL this week. The St. Kilda v Fremantle result was overturned on appeal because it wasnt in the spirit and integrity of the game.

    Now Eddie McGuire wants to get the result of a Collingwood Night Grand Final overturned from the 1980’s.

    I think that, in the spirit of the game and for the integrity of the T.A.F.L, the result from the Narrabri v Nomads game should be overturned. Maybe some legally astute person could have a look at appealing its result to relevant AFL/TAFL Commission



  3. Nob Says:

    I’m old the club rooms have been ‘done up’ a bit. Any chance of some photos making it on the site?

  4. NickySS Says:

    Nice info, big thx.

  5. Sean Says:

    Great site. I’m in Armidale for business every few months and would love to watch a game or two while in town. Look forward to seeing your 2007 fixture. How did the 2006 fixture end up – or shouldn’t I ask?

  6. Hardmans of Armidale Says:

    Best of luck to the New England Nomads in the 2007 season!

  7. Knuckles Says:

    Great work lads, get into those Swannies.

  8. Woody Says:

    G’day Nomads,
    Just leaving a message wishing you guuys good luck in the finals this year, and to tell you that a couple of your old boys Tommy ‘friendly octopus’ Hunt and John ‘closetalker’ Mahy will be playing in the Grand Final on September 8.
    Good Luck, Woody

  9. Tassi Says:

    Wheres the bushman David Bioletti? enjoyed watching his games before but has a bit of a rusty catch but nevertheless was a great player, was a hit with the ladies on the sidelines to!

    p.s Leanne says Hi


  10. BMW Says:

    Hi, just surfed onto your site and couldn’t help but notice that Round 14 victory over the Cats: 170 Points! That’s phenomenal.

    Hope you shouted the goal umpires a beer after the game!

  11. Burt Munro Says:

    Good to see you’re sposored by the Wicklow – had a few beers there over the years! Good luck for 2009.

  12. Mark Strong Says:

    G’day Nomads and supporters. Wishing you all the very best for the upcoming 2009 season. Make sure you give the Tamworth teams an absolute thrashing for old time sakes.
    Bad luck about the Tablelands Cup but no doubt allowed for some decent match practice and a few pennies raised behind the bar.
    The Strong’s
    Mark, Rusty, Val and Alex

  13. Colin Moore Says:

    Hi ,

    My name is and I am the president of the U -15 Tamworth AFL Juniors. . I was hopping you could help me find who is in charge of the armidale U -15 group this year. We would like to play Armidale home and away this season a couple of times if possible. I hope you can help, regards Colin
    ph 0434146377
    work 02 67661799

  14. David Wetherall Says:

    I was talking to some one who played a modified AFL type game when they were a student at UNE. She said that it was mixed and suited older players. Does any one from your club know anything of this game. She called it New England Rules. I have a group of older but not feeble people wanting to play AFL but without the risk of broken bones etc. This game sounded perfect and I would love to find out how it was played.

  15. David Deal Says:

    Hello Nomads and all the supporters. Any chance of a 70’s/80’s reunion at UNE? I co-coached the Armidale City Club in 1980. We had a great Grand Final in Coffs harbour that year. Would be great to catch up with some of the golden oldies from the era….doesn’t matter which club you were from.
    Was a great read to look at the archives and reflect back on these years. Some very strong teams and some terrific footballers. Regards – Dave

  16. Andy Millar Says:

    Delighted to see the game goes on in New England . I was the “big red headed lad who fired one out of his backside ” in Geoff Edwards blog of the 70’s , for Robb to put down Page ( and we won the premiership again ) . I enjoyed my football at UNE from 69 to 72 and remember some of the Inverarsity carnivals at Adelaide and Melbourne . Bit pissed off the Edwards could not remember my name when I had to feed him with hit outs all day !!

  17. Paul Stewart (Pauly) Says:

    I was one of the lucky guys to be in the 1999 and undefeated grand final team of 2000.

    By far the most enjoyable time I spent in the dale.

    Go knuckles ya maniac.

  18. Paul Stewart (Pauly) Says:

    Wait up …were we undefeated that year???

    That was also the year sarge got the bar put in the clubhouse so things a bit hazy!!

    Hang their balls from that weeping willow boys.

  19. Graham KNUCKEY Says:

    Six months to reply but Hey! Happy New Year Moit!!
    Where are you these days?


  20. Jeremy Says:

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  21. Ray O'Donnell Says:

    dear Dave Deal

    just came across some old news re City, UNE.

    I played in the GF at Coffs and played with the UNE side

    best wishes

    the Colonel

  22. Darin Gorry Says:

    Good luck on the weekend boys. Sorry I couldn’t contribute more this year. I hope to be back and raring to go for pre-Season 2018.

    Go the Nomads

  23. Dave Deal Says:

    Gidday Colonel:
    Only just came across your message on the guest book page with the Nomads.
    Well remember your exploits on the field. You were our ‘go – to man’.
    Feel free to drop a line at some stage if you like.
    Loved those footy days in Armidale. Have written a book as regards footy
    entitled, ‘Football, It’s All About The Journey’.
    Regards – Dave

  24. Says:

    We are travelling through Armidale next weekend ( 22/9/18 ) and would love to know the best place up there to watch the AFL footy finals. Thanks in advance.

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