Nomads Women chalk up their first win of 2021

May 30th, 2021

This Saturday, football returned to the hallowed turf of Bellevue oval as the Nomads hosted the Tamworth Swans. The day was made extra special by the observation of reconciliation week with a smoke ceremony performed by Bruce Cohen before the women’s game. Its hard to say whether it was the smoke ceremony warding off any bad spirits, Wulu ‘Choco’ Hall’s expert water running, a divine intervention by the footy gods or a culmination of those factors. What is certain is that the girls put on an absolute clinic and came away with a very deserved win. The final scores were 5.9.39 to 0.10.10.

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Home versus Tamworth Swans

May 28th, 2021

The team to play the Tamworth Swans at Bellevue Oval on May 29 at 2.00 pm is:

B X. Walsh Mitchell Brown
HB Hall Sulzberger T. Fleming
C Dutaillis Barker Jessep
HF Buckland Paine Herrere
F Feltham Sharpe Moscou
R Hunt Wheatley Richards

Interchange: Boyd, Veall, Muunday, D’Gluyas

Be at the Bellevue by 11.50am for the Smoking Ceremony and the Women’s Game following it.

Nomads Need to Rediscover the Ancient Art of Traveling

May 28th, 2021

On Saturday the 22nd of May the Nomads lost to the same Inverell team that they had beaten convincingly only a fortnight before. The difference was not only the home-town advantage but the number of players missing from the line-up. The team lost by over 50 points and were lucky that the Saints did not have their kicking boots on or the difference might have been far more substantial. For the Nomads Clarrie Barker, Phill Mitchell, Noah Connick, Charlie Paine and Wulu Hall battled valiantly all day. Patrick Sharp provided a target up forward with his strong leading and marking, kicking three goals and Monsieur Yep took the mark of the day, even shouting out his trademark call as he reached the peak of his astronomical leap.
The final scores were 15.20.110 to the Nomads 8.8.56.

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Away versus Inverell Saints

May 25th, 2021

The team that played the Inverell Saints at Varley Oval on May 22 at 12.00 pm was:

B Brown X. Walsh Buckland
HB Offen Connick Hall
C Walls Barker Herrere
HF Sulzberger Boyd Munday
F A. Walsh Sharp Veall
R Mitchell Paine Jessep

Interchange: No Interchange

Women’s Match versus the Inverell Saints

May 23rd, 2021

This weekend had the Nomads travel to the outpost of Inverell for the Women in Sport round. In recognition of women in footy, the women’s game was played at the blockbuster time slot of 2:30 in the afternoon. The stage was set for a blockbuster women’s game. Again, numbers were not in our favour. The efforts of Keely ‘Coat hanger’ Ryan and Aimee Strawbridge to bolster troop numbers were much appreciated. Despite the best efforts of the girls, a fast starting and clinical Saints outfit proved too great a challenge and they came out eventual winners 14.9.93 to 3.5.23. More »

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