Fraser Kicks 11 and Modra 6 as the Nomads win decisively against the Roos (13th May)

June 23rd, 2023

Firstly, apologies from your correspondent – been taken up with old man diseases bunions and being reduced to eating nothing ‘cept for the faded and tastes pages from Samuel Peppys diaries.

So I am writing this now and a month has passed so the memory might be a little hazy. But it was an excellenrt win for the Nomads with Fraser Menzies kicking 11 goals, Modra 6, Clarrie Barker 4 and the Big Fish Trav Salmon kicking 2. Noah Connick was a brick wall in the backline marking everything that came his way and Nick Leopardi and Jack Keough were brilliant in the midfield.

This was the game, if my memory serves me well when the Little Fish (Brody Fsher) hurt his leg badly and was also memorable for the X-Man Xavier Walsh kicking his first goal after 4 seasons of trying (admittedly, like Kevin Sheedy who he does not resemble he has been in the back pocket for most of that time).

Final scores were Nomads 27.15.177 to the Tamworth Roos 3.4.22.

NB – In the women’s game, unfortunately the Nomads had to format.

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Nomads’ women lose to the Tamworth Swans

May 7th, 2023

The New England Nomads women’s team – who are improving every week – as they get more experience and numbers, lost to the Tamworth Swans. Final scores were Tamworth Swans 9.20.74 to the Nomads 1.0.6. Anna Greenland was the sole goal scorer. Best players were Anna Grenland, Lucy Cole, Brooke Prior, Rachel Smith, Ukaipo Mann and Sofia Dwyer.

Fraser Menzies kicks 9 in the Nomads’ second win of the year

May 7th, 2023

On Saturday the 6th of May the Nomads beat the Tamworth Swans in what was a close contest until the quarter time. Noah Connick and David “Modra” Richards were brilliant in defences (Modra dropping behind the lines), ably supported by Cotter Litchfield, Lindsay Brown and Harry Dobson. In the middle Jack Keough and Hunter Greene were the driving force behind many forays into the forward line – Hunter’s kicking to leads was a standout. Up forward Fraser Menzies was at his mercurial best kicking 9 goals with Modra kicking 2 in the final quarter while resting from his on-ball duties. The final scores were Nomads 13.11.89 to the Swans 9.8.62.
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Men at Home versus Tamworth Swans

May 7th, 2023

From H. Dobson, F;. Menzies, L. Brown, H. Green, J. Bouchier, O. Brookshaw, B. Fisher, N. Connick (C). J. Hall, W. Hall, J. Keough, A. Langsmith, C. Litchfield, H. Munday, M. Pine, D. Richards (C), T. Salmon, X. Walsh (VC).

Nomads women lose valiantly to Gunnedah Bulldogs

May 7th, 2023

On Saturday April 29th, a short-staffed Nomads women team lost to the Gunnedah Bulldogs (who have been the competition leaders for the last few years – despite losing the 2022 grand final). Best players for the Nomads were Anna Greenland,, Lucy Cole, Kayley O’Hara, Natasha Gregory, Ukaipo Mann and Sophie Gordon. Anna Greenland was the sole goal scorer. Final scores were Gunnedah Women 121.37.163 to the Nomads 1.0.6.

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