Clarrie Plays his 100th game as the Nomads have a big win against the Tamworth Swans

On June 24th Clarrie Barker played his 100th game for the Nomads. This is quite an achievement, as at 23 he is the youngest player to achieve this mielstone. Barker played his usually stellar game and kicked 3 goals to boot. The men’s team won quite decisively after a close first quarter.

The final score in the men’s game were 16.27.123 to 6.11.47.

In the women’s game, our Nomads girls had a tough-ish day at the office being beaten 2.0.12 to the Swans 17.15.117

The awards for the men were:
Players player C. Barker
Captains award J.. Hall
Presidents award N. Leopardi
Caoch’s award: D. Richards
MPA: C. Litchfield

In the Men’s game the quarter by quarter were as follows:

Q1 Nomads 3.6.24 to Swans 3.1.19
Q2 Nomads 6.13.49 to Swans 4.5.29
Q3 Nomads 11.23.89 to Swans 4.7.31
Q4 NOmads 16.27.123 to Swans 6.11.49

In the Women’s game the quarter by quarter scores were:
Q1 NOmads 0.0.0 to Swans 3.1.19
Q2 Nomads 1.0.6 to 8.4.52
Q3 Nomads 1.0.6 to 11.10.76
Q4 Nomads 2.0.12 to 17.15.117

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