David ‘Rampaging’ Richards kicks his 500th goal in Nomads win against the Roos

David Richards kicked his 500th goal for the Nomads in the Nomads victory against the Ross at Tamworth’s no.1 oval. Moddy was at his mercurial best in the forward line. He kicked 3 while Fraser Menzies kicked 5 and Noah Connick kicked 4. The Nomads won 15.19.109 to the Roos 13.9.87. Best for the Nomads were Coach.dot.Barker.dot.com, Hunter Greene, the Walchan Wildman Nick Buckland, Modra, Ethan Karpany and ruckman extraordinaire, Michaekl Teddy Tedmanson.

The Nomads had not one, but two car breakdowns, on the road to Tamworth. Clarrie’s ute broke down outside Uralla with clutch oporblems – serfioius problems (wth 4 nomads in it) and Quenten Tomasini had to turn aroudn and go home aftefr the fan belt decided it had better things to do than drive to Tamworth. Not a great start.

The first quarter was a shoot out. The Nomads kicked 6 goals to the Roos five. Fraser was unstoppable up forward,. First quarter scores were Nomads 6.3.39 to the Roos 5.4.34

The Nomads dominated in the second quarter. The NOmads kicked 7 goals mainly due to their complete control int he midfield thanks to high-leaping ruckamn Teddy and the excellent work of Clarrie, Hunter and Karps. The scores at half time were 13.9.87 to 6.6.42.

The third quarter saw the Nomads go to sleep – oly kicking one goal to the Roos 6. We need do something about the halftime koolaid. Scores at ther final changes were 14.13. 97 to 12.6.78

The final quarter was a real arm wrestle but the result was put to bed when Clarrie raced forward and kicked truly.

Things were made harder than they needed to be because of inaccurate kicking but the half-time snooze needs to be eradicated.

Players’ players: C. Barker
Coach’s award: N. Buckland
President’s award: D. Richards
Meehan’s Plumbing award: E. Karpany
Captains award: M. Tedmanson

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