Nomads win in a tight match in Modra’s 150th game

In David Richard’s 150th game, the Nomads managed to sneak over the line with a ten-point win against a resurgent Roos side who kicked 5 goals in the last quarter to almost run over the Nomads. The Nomads had been comfortably in the lead, with an 8 goal second quarter, putting them in front at half time. It was nail bitingly close (especially for the spectators) and it was only a snap from forty metres out from (CBDCDC) in the last minute that put the result beyond doubt. It was a really good game of quality fast-running football. For the Nomads Patrick Sharp and the irrepressible Noah Connick kicked 5 goals apiece, while the aforementioned CBDCDC chimed in with 3 goals. The Cisco Kid, Charlie Paine, was in the thick of the action taking strong marks and played a crucial role in the final stages of the game with his game-sense. New boy Fraser Menzies showed what he is capable of, with match-winning form in the midfield. Conor Nest was brilliant in the background and Modra was at his usual will’o’the’wisp best up forward and in the middle. Final scores were Nomads 15.7.97 to the Roos 13.9.87.

The game saw the welcome return of a number of players. Ethan Karpany was kitted up and eager to play alongside cousin Modra for Moddy’s 150th outing in the Nomads colours. Ben Fleming was back to confuse opponents by his remarkable likeness with Harrison Born-on-a-Sunday-married-on a Wednesday Munday. Also returning with his whale jokes was Erik D’Gluyas. And Fraser Menzies, who came with big raps, was getting to run around for his debut after missing out the week before with the forfeit from Moree. Phill Mitchell was a big out and would have been very handy in the backline.

The first quarter saw the Nomads kicking to the Uralla end and starting fairly slowly. Clarrie kicked truly as did Sharpey but the Roos were causing trouble with their fast-running play. The backs needed more help from the midfield. At the first change the Roos were ahead. Scores were Nomads 2.3.15 to the Roos 3.3.21.

The second quarter saw the Nomads really kick into gear. Clarrie and Yeppie hit up both Sharpie and Noah with bullet passes and the forwards honoured the work up the ground by kicking truly. This was one of the best performances of the Nomads for a long time. Up back, Conor had his hands full with a quality forward but he was equal to the task, punching the ball or out-marking his opponent. Clarrie kicked a goal from 50 out on the boundary to silence the naysayers who had doubted his reliability with set shots.

Tom Hunt was controlling the centre of the ground in his usual no fuss manner and Fraser Menzies was busting though packs and looking as if he had been Nomads colours all his life. It was a remarkable effort on his part. The Nomads kicked 8 goals for the quarter. The scores at half-time were 10.5 65 to 5.3.33. One might have thought that the Nomads were headed for an easy victory.

The third quarter saw the Roos get themselves back in the match. It was a neck and neck tussle with the Roos kicking 21 points to the Nomads 19. The scores at the final change were 13.6 84 to 8.6. 54.

And so to the final quarter. The Nomads had a margin of 5 goals. However the Roos did not lie down and almost stole the game with 5 goals. A set shot with the Nomads 3 points up with 5 minutes to go from 15 metres thankfully missed. Then the ball was rushed forward and Modra marked, got the ball to Clarrie who snapped from the Albies corner. The Nomads clearly need to improve their match fitness (they fell away the week before against Gunnedah as well). But all credit to the Roos who took their opportunities.

Players’ Player C. Barker
Coach’s award: F. Menzies
President’s award: D. Richards
Captain’s award: C. Paine

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