150 games for the Frostman

On September 12th the Nomads much-loved Johnathon Frost played his 150th game for the Nomads. Frosty, aka the Guyra Ghost, first played with the Nomads in 2007, under the encouragement of cousin Rhys Whitby. Since that time he has won 4 flags and played in 6 grand finals. He has been a key figure in the success of the Nomads over the past decade and a great clubman.

This is the Frostman on the great day celebrating with cousins David “Modra” Richards and Dwayne Graham.

Frosty is one of 8 members of the Graham-Dimer clan from Western Australia to play with the Nomads over the past 15 years. He played with his two uncles, Rhys Whitby and Weston Whitby as well as cousins, Tyrone Dimer, David Richards, Isaiah Graham, Cameron Graham and Dwayne Graham.

Frosty has always been a hard competitor who gave his all in the contest. Here is a photo of him smothering in the 2012 grand final


The 2012 grand final was the first of five grand finals the Nomads won in a row – a golden age for the club and Frosty was at the heart of it.

Here is a photo with captain Rowdy Ballagh (left) and his uncle Weston (right) after the 2012 grand final victory.

We look forward to seeing some of his off-spring coming down to play with the club,

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