Dog-day afternoon: Nomads run with Gunnedah until Three Quarter Time

Well it was a moment of truth. In what was a spirited and gutsy effort the New England Nomads took the game up to the reigning premiers leading until just before the 3/4 break. The mid-field team of Luke “Rambo” Raymond, David “Modra” Richards and Jesse Petrascu along with our ruckman from Echunga, Andy Gray, were outstanding. At Centre Half Back the effervescent #4 Clarrie Barker dominated teaming up particularly with the dynamic duo of Rambo and Modra. Up forward John McKay was a revelation kicking 3 goals in his first game for the Nomads. Unfortunately, the Dogs clicked in the last quarter running away with a 46 point victory. The final scores were Gunnedah 15.13.103 to the Nomads 9.3.57.

Armidale once again provided some winter football weather with 15 ml falling over night and light drizzly showers continuing throughout the day.

The Nomads had some Big outs (as in 600 cms worth!) with Tom Hunt, Coach Treweeke and Conor Nest all missing from the starting squad (all of whom had been in the best 6 the week before). This left only Andy Gray and Phill Mitchell in the over-190cm class. However, Jesse Petrascu. Will Gardner and Wulu Hall were welcome returns. We also picked up some handy footballers from Robb rugby who weren’t playing this week, in the guise of Hamish Burge, Drew Walsh (from Port Macquarie and no relation to the West End of Uralla crew) and John “Joof” McKay. All of these boys could play – not sure where they had been hiding but they should be running around this side of the Bellevue Complex!

The Nomads kicked to the Uralla end and started with an intensity that shocked the Dogs. The ferocity at the ball and willingness to smother were impressive. Hamish Morgan, Flemmo and the Lord Mayor Armidale, Harri Munday, were all hard at the ball. In the midfield Modra, Rambo and Jesse were taking advantage of Andy Gray’s tap work and teaming up with Clarrie at centre half back. Up forward John McKay, Willie Gardner and Dr Yep, Charlie Pain, were causing headaches for the Gunnedah defenders. McKay kicked an Issie-Graham like goal 40 metres out from the Albies boundary line. Up back Frost, Ira and Phill Mitchell were solid with Ira taking a number of intercept marks and Frosty doing what he does best, saving goals when it looks certain the opposition will score. At the first change, the Nomads were leading 4.2.26 to 1.3.9.

The second quarter saw the Nomads midfielders continue on their winning ways. However, the Nomads didn’t really capitalise on their mid-field dominance – there was generally not enough movement up forward. As it turned out, the only goals for the quarter were by Rambo and Modra. Rambo obviously had been dreaming the night before of the J-Drill and ran through the circuit for a perfect pass from fellow captain Modra. Also worth mentioning was Taidgh doing his best impression of Evil Knievel when he went into one daring contest and came out doing a triple-pike-with-two-and-a-half twists (judges points still out on that one). The Gunnedah kicked 4 for the quarter and (somewhat ominously) were starting to get their run through the middle going. At the end of the quarter the scores were Nomads 6.3.39 to 5.5.35.

In the third quarter the Nomads scored two goals (including a David Campese style rugby side-step from Drew Walsh) but they failed to stem the flow from the Dogs. Up back Ira was taking a number of intercept marks and held down one of their best players. Clarrie continued to play strong attacking football at centre half back. Wulu Hall was in the action making a number of telling runs. At the final change the Nomads were behind the Dogs with the scores being 8.3.51 to 9.9.63.

The final quarter saw the Dogs run away and show why they are on the top of the ladder. The midfield had battled valiantly all day but needed more assistance. The final scores don’t really indicate how close the game was with the Dogs goals coming in a rush in the second half of the quarter. The only goal for the Nomads was scored by Modra after the siren, though unfortunately he wasn’t in Jack Newnes’ situatiuon.

Overall it was a great effort, and augurs well for the future.

Players player C. Barker
Coach’s award: I. Sulzburger
President’s award A. Gray
Captain’s award: J. Petrascu
Meehan’s Plumbing Award: D. Richards (as in Modra)

Goal Kickers: J. McKay 3, D. Richards 2, L. Raymond, C. Paine, M. Dunn, C. Barker
Best Players: A. Gray, C. Barker, M. Dunn, J. McKay, W. Hall, I. Sulzberger

Round 5 2020

Nomads def. by Bulldogs
Q14226 139
HT6339 5535
Q38351 9963
FT9357 1513103


  • C. Barker,
  • N. Buckland,
  • H. Burge,
  • E. D’Gluyas,
  • M. Dunn,
  • S. Feltham,
  • B. Fleming,
  • J. Frost,
  • W. Gardner,
  • A. Gray,
  • W. Hall,
  • J. McKay,
  • P. Mitchell,
  • H. Morgan,
  • H. Munday,
  • C. O’Loughlin,
  • T. O’Loughlin,
  • C. Paine,
  • J. Petrascu,
  • L. Raymond,
  • D. Richards,
  • I. Sulzberger.


  • J. McKay (3),
  • D. Richards (2),
  • C. Barker,
  • C. Paine,
  • L. Raymond,
  • M. Dunn.

Award winners:

  • C. Barker (Players' Player),
  • I. Sulzberger (Coach's),
  • A. Gray (President's),
  • J. Petrascu (Captain's),
  • D. Richards (Meehan's Plumbing Services').

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