Nomads late surge wins the day against the Saints

The New England Nomads have won their second game of the year with an exciting come from behind victory, kicking three crucial goals in the last ten minutes of the game against the Inverell Saints. The backline, led by Conor Nest and Phill Mitchell, were miserly in the second half only conceding two majors – it must also be noted that Conor took a remarkably large number of intercept marks. Up forward Echunga’s finest export, Andy Gray kicked three goals with Ben Fleming and Luke Rambo Raymond chipping in for two apiece. Standout players in what was a fine team effort were Tom Hunt, Morgan Dunn, Clarrie Barker, Rambo Raymond, Modra and Big Jim. Final scores were Nomads 9.14.68 to Inverell 9.4.58. (Obviously some goal kicking practice is needed this week).

This was the first game of the year at the Bellevue Cathedral – pleasing to be back and also for there to be Auskick on before the start of the senior mens. The Auskick kids were braving it out in what was a very cold New England day with scattered showers and the prevailing westerly doing its best to prevail.

There were a few significant outs including Jesse Petrascu, Tom Moscou-Moscou, The Man from Ardlethan Lindsay Brown and Wulu Hall but the team was bolstered by the inclusion of Numero Quatro Clarrie Barker, a talented newcomer from Elsternwick, Charlie Pain and the welcome return of the Guyra Ghost, Mr Jonathan Frost. In general, it was, to use Phill Mitchell’s evocative turn-of-phrase, the ‘localest’ team we have had in a long time.

Captain Modra did the honours at the coin toss and the Nomads were kicking, as is traditional, to the Uralla end. The Saints started strongly and kicked two quick goals – this was a very different Saints outfit to what we have seen over the past few years, being made up of a large number of speedy former juniors who have come through the ranks. They moved the ball quickly indeed and it was clear that the Nomads would need to match them for their run. The Nomads managed to claw back the lead with goals from Andy Gray, Harry Munday and Ben ‘Flemmo’ Fleming (the first goals from these two). James Treweeke at centre half forward was making the Saints rethink their defensive structure with his strong leading up the field and raking kicks to position. Tom Hunt was winning every ruck (and I mean every ruck) and the midfield of Rambo, Morgan Dunn, Modra and Clarrie were making the most of the opportunities. At the first change the scores were 3.3.21 to 2.0.12.

Since, due to COVID, the club no longer hands out collective water bottles at the breaks, we can’t blame it on something in the cordial. But the Nomads certainly lacked something in the second quarter. Or perhaps it was simply that the Saints came out with more fire in their bellies. Whatever the explanation, the Saints kicked 5 goals in the second quarter and the Nomads kicked zero. Matters were not helped by the Nomads ignoring the New England Book of Wisdom, forgetting about the prevailing breeze and kicking into the Impossible Corner. Not a lot of goals have been kicked out there over the years, when the westerly is blowing! (Mustn’t grumble). Conor continued his intercepting ways and the mid-field were still doing an excellent job, assisted by Charlie Pain who hit the packs hard and took some strong marks. However, the Saints were able to get a lot of outside run going and made good use of the wings. At half time the scores were 3.5.23 to 7.2.44.

The third quarter saw the Nomads come out with renewed determination. The Nomads kicked 3 for the quarter (and it could have been a lot more with a number of set shots going astray). Taidgh O’Loughlin showed that the wing is his natural home, making good use of the wide open spaces at the Cathedral and Morgan Dunn was breaking packs in the middle forcing the ball forward. Rambo was doing what he always does, hard-ball-gets and then kicking forward only to be at the fall of the ball at the next contest. Tom Hunt was inspirational in the ruck, ignoring the needling from the opposition (well most of it). Coach Treweeke did some lairizing up forward with his newly developed theorem that only one hand is needed to mark a football. At the final change the Nomads were behind by 6 points with the scores at 6.9.45 8.3.51.

The final quarter saw the Nomads come home strongly, scoring 3 goals with Clarrie snagging an absolute bottler from the Impossible Corner. The Saints scored one more goal before Andy scored one on the run. The Nomads had all of the momentum and could possibly have scored a few more. Modra in these last moments was in one of his manic moods and burst through the midfield a number of times to send the ball forward. Nick Buckland took a number of intercept marks in the final quarter to thwart the Saints and Ira “Enjoy your footy” Salzburger also took some strong grabs in the backline.

All up it was an excellent effort. The Nomads are starting to play some excellent team football. Next week against Gunnedah though will be a moment of truth.

Two final notes:
1. It was the Coach who filled out the list of the best on the sporting pulse website – obviously he has forgotten how to spell Treveeszcjki.
2. What were the brains trust thinking? Flemmo—who it turns out come from a long-line of goal kicking forwards—was moved to defence. After kicking two corkers? Somebody needs to have a long hard look at themselves.

Players’ player award: C.Nest
Coach’s award: L.Raymond
President’s award: J.Treweeke
Captain’s award: B.Fleming
Meehans’s Plumbing Award: T.Hunt

Round 4 2020

Nomads def. Saints
Q13321 2012
HT3523 7244
Q36945 8351
FT91468 9458


  • C. Barker,
  • N. Buckland,
  • E. D’Gluyas,
  • M. Dunn,
  • S. Feltham,
  • B. Fleming,
  • J. Frost,
  • A. Gray,
  • T. Hunt,
  • P. Mitchell,
  • H. Munday,
  • C. Nest,
  • C. O’Loughlin,
  • T. O’Loughlin,
  • C. Paine,
  • L. Raymond,
  • D. Richards,
  • I. Sulzberger,
  • J. Treweeke,
  • A. Walsh.


  • A. Gray (3),
  • B. Fleming (2),
  • L. Raymond (2),
  • C. Barker,
  • H. Munday.

Award winners:

  • C. Nest (Players' Player),
  • L. Raymond (Coach's),
  • J. Treweeke (President's),
  • B. Fleming (Captain's),
  • T. Hunt (Meehan's Plumbing Services').

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  1. Gleeso Says:

    Well done gents!

    Not only the most vocalist team fielded but also the oldest?!?!?

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