2018 Men’s Best and Fairest Awards – Modra takes the award

The Nomads Best and fairest awards were held on the 5th of October. After a number of years getting very near the prize, the Men’s Best and Fairest Winner was David ‘Modra’ Richards.

It was a close contest. The runners-up was Nick Locke.

Nick Locke was the runner up, with 36 points to Modra’s 45.

The most consistent was Harry Wakefield.

The most determined (and it should be no surprise) was Luke ‘Rambo” Raymond.

Clubman award went to Liam Cudmore (again this should have been no surprise to anyone after all fo the work that Liam has done this year).

Finally, the best first year player was Conor Nest, the most improved was Alex Shem and the goal kicker was Modra.

    For those interested in statistics the final votes were as follows:

D.Richards, 45, N.Locke 36, H.Wakefield, 27, L.Raymond, 25, A.Quail 25, C.Nest 24, J.Frost 17, J.Bourchier 17, T.Hunt 8, W.Hall 8, N.Piper 8, S.Ogilvie 56, M.Harriot 5, A. Shem 4, B.Ferraro 4, P.Mitchell 3, E.Karpany 2, A.Gray 2, J.Treweeke 1, L.Cudmore 1, J. Ratcliffe 1, R. Browne 1.

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