Nomads have a field day against a depleted Moree

On the last home and away game of the year, the Nomads played Moree at Tamworth #5 oval. Read below for Lachy’s latest update on the football shenanigans.

On August the 19th the Armidale boys travelled down to Tamworth to take on Moree.
This was a special game due to the league awards being held in Tamworth.
The boys arrived to what seemed like a dust storm and were ‘eager’ to play in the Sahara like conditions.

The depleted Moree outfit had fill ins from both swans and the eagles to make do, whilst we had almost a full strength outfit.
The boys started well. Kicking very accurately despite the wind.
Mod was at his best kicking a few early as so was the Albies man Tim, putting his hand up for Full forward position for uni games.
The nomads played 9,4. 58 to the suns zero.

Andy Gray the big ruck man was a kid on a playset, kicking 6 in this quarter.
The wind blew stronger but that didn’t put Armidale off its game with the backline of Harry ‘general’ Wakefield and Liam Cudmore providing run off the half back.
Noah couldn’t be stopped either, slowing adding to his tally. The boys had their heads high at half time.
Moree attempted to ask our bus driver if they could park that in our forward line but were denied.
It was 127 play zero at the half.
The nomads were more confident in there chances then when Carson says he’ll drop a girl off on the way home from the pub….
The nomads were utilizing the switch and managing quite well with the breeze.
Rambo had his feet up and having a cold one as the rest of us continued on the winning ways.
No Nick Locke was there so boys were subsisting and actually kicking them threw the sticks, with Noah, Connor and Harry adding to the scoreboard pressure.
Lachy Ewart got one of the best center clearances ever, as the calls grow louder for him to replace Nick Locke in the guts.
Nomads 210 played suns 7 at the break.

It was time to have some fun. There were some unique midfield combinations.
Ru was trying to fish himself a goal but couldn’t quite manage.
Harry was getting hit on from the sideline and Jeremy Bouchier had his eye more on the nomads girls then the footy and still kept getting the ball.
Jeremy Radcliffe was charging out of the guts just like Cudmore was charging forward to kick a snag.
Noah kicked 10 in his farewell. Then quickly drove back to Armidale to kick his 11th…..
Carson quite literally went missing in the 4th quarter only to be found at 2pm the next day.

End score was Nomads 288 to Moree 8.

Round 18 2018

Suns def. by Nomads
Q1000 9458
HT000 247151
Q3117 3312210
FT128 4518288


  • J. Bourchier,
  • R. Brawne,
  • C. Carson,
  • L. Cudmore,
  • I. Dowabobo,
  • L. Ewart,
  • J. Frost,
  • A. Gray,
  • G. Gunn,
  • T. McDermott,
  • C. Nest,
  • N. Piper,
  • J. Ratcliffe,
  • L. Raymond,
  • D. Richards,
  • A. Shem,
  • H. Wakefield.


  • N. Piper (9),
  • A. Gray (7),
  • D. Richards (6),
  • H. Wakefield (4),
  • J. Bourchier (3),
  • L. Ewart (3),
  • C. Carson (2),
  • C. Nest (2),
  • J. Ratcliffe (2),
  • T. McDermott (2),
  • G. Gunn,
  • J. Frost,
  • L. Cudmore,
  • L. Raymond,
  • R. Brawne.

Award winners:

  • N. Piper (Players' Player),
  • J. Bourchier (Coach's),
  • J. Ratcliffe (President's),
  • H. Wakefield (Captain's),
  • A. Gray (Meehan's Plumbing Services').

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