Nomads Defeat the Swans

On Saturday the 28th of July, the Armidale nomads travelled to Tamworth to beat the swans.
It was third play fourth and the Swans would be excited for the challenge, as were the Nomads. Read Lachy Ewart’s report.

The Nomads arrived and had some heavy music coming from the change rooms as they attempted to get into the zone.
The ground looked deader then Barry Hall’s media career.
The voice was up in the warm up and the ball was bounced.
It was an arm wrestle that was tough and not pretty.
The nomads welcomed back Choc, his voice and running had been missed.
The skills weren’t perfect early and hence the scores were closer then Collingwood’s grip of the top four, very close, too close.
Nomads 3.3, 21 playing swans 3.2, 20.

The nomads hit the ground running, with the main forward options of Nick Locke, Qualy and Mod starting to fire. However the swans pressure was consistent with Hamish ‘Jungo’ Morgan being caught stargazing and hence holding the ball twice in the forward arc.
The pressure from the swans led to nomads not being able to settle, however the lead was increased due to the gutsy work of our forward line.
Nomads 8.9, 57 played Swans 4.3, 27 at half time.

The tails were up at half time with the nomads feeling as though they could go on from here and put a dint in the swan’s confidence. However the swans came out hard in the third quarter. Mitchy H stood up and played some tough hard footy as well as Jez Bouch grinding out the possessions. The nomads were being tested by the swans by physically and verbally. Nomads 11.12, 78 played swans 8. 5, 53.

The swans were itching for the bragging rights but the nomads rallied.
The strong running effort of Shem and Star going back to his youthful self was noticeable.
It is hard to pick out individual dominance in this quarter as the whole team lifted their pressure. However the nomads kept letting themselves down by responding to the niggle and verbal game.
The nomads finished on top 14, 14. 98 defeated swans 11,5.71

The effort on the field could not be faulted however the nomads will need to play cleaner and more mature football to pursue a finals berth.

In the night out, Best on was tough to award this week but once again Charles Carson made it his due to his heavy drinking over the hills on the way back to Armidale. Worst on was easier with Ru not drinking and staying at the pub till 11, go home you sad kid.

The Nomads will hit the training track as they aim to improve in their last home game against Tamworth Roos.

Round 15 2018

Swans def. by Nomads
Q13220 3321
HT4327 8957
Q38553 111278
FT11571 141498


  • J. Bourchier,
  • R. Brawne,
  • C. Carson,
  • L. Cudmore,
  • I. Dowabobo,
  • L. Ewart,
  • J. Frost,
  • W. Hall,
  • M. Harriot,
  • N. Locke,
  • H. Morgan,
  • C. Nest,
  • N. Piper,
  • A. Quail,
  • D. Richards,
  • A. Shem,
  • S. Snowden,
  • A. Walsh.


  • A. Quail (4),
  • D. Richards (4),
  • N. Locke (4),
  • A. Walsh,
  • J. Bourchier.

Award winners:

  • N. Locke (Players' Player),
  • J. Bourchier (Coach's),
  • W. Hall (President's),
  • C. Nest (Captain's),
  • D. Richards (Meehan's Plumbing Services').

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