Nomads back on the paddock and back in form

On 5th of May Armidale Nomads took on Tamworth kangaroos, in Armidale. The women lost to the Roos 3.8.26 to 3.2 20 and the men won 18.14.122 to 6.14.50. Further information is contained below.

NB. This week’s report is written by Murchison’s finest and most beloved raconteur, Mr Lachy Ewart. For some classic Broken River Gonzo Journalism read on.

The girls were first up.
The Tamworth girls were up for the challenge coming out hard and imposing themselves on the smaller bodied Nomads. Except there was no one shying away from the challenge.
Lisa among with many others put their head of the footy and kept going to only be a point down at half time.

This trend continued for the third quarter with Armidale’s defence becoming under pressure more in the second half. Nat, Kristen and Dana were excellent in the backline, taking numerous intercept marks and imprinting pressure on the ball carriers.
However, the Nomads still trailed by a goal at three quarter time.

Liam gathered the girls and gave them their final instructions.
The Nomads effort lifted specially from the midfield including but limited to Kirra, Catherine and Darcia who had been best on all day. Darcy Cromack had been bullied by the opposition all day, kept working hard deep into the last quarter.
The Nomad girls put in a big effort but alas lost by a goal.

Bests: Lulu, Brittany, Natalie.

Final score: 26 Tamworth and 20 Nomads.

A big thanks to our own Jez for umpiring.

Men’s report:
The Tamworth boys had a spring in their step, which can only be described kangaroo like.
The high injury list for Armidale meant there a few changes in the side. With legends of the club Tom hunt and Phil trading the beers for the boots but there was no hiding those beer guts.
The first quarter was a more grueling physical and slightly disappointing battle than Charlie Carson trying to pick a girl up.
The new Nomads outfit looked disjointed and went into quarter time with their heads down.
Score: Nomads 26 played Kangaroos 15

The second quarter, the big hits continued and the injury list was already growing for both sides. The forward work of Angus Quil and captain Moddy continued to leave us dazzled and the opposition confused. Rambo was like a man with horns putting his head over the footy where no man should.
This all led to slight improvement on the scoreboard but the Nomads still required more.
Score: Nomads 47 played Kangaroos 24

The third quarter Coach James Treweeke who was out with a sore ankle (soft) had a clear message at half time, to execute our game better.
Tamworth kept up the big hits but Choc and Jeremy B proved a winning combination with their run off half back and into the wings. Their hard work around the contest was obvious.
The old brigade of Tom and Phil were proving to be as reliable as ever.
Liam the big red headed man was seen stomping forward and slotting one from 40 on the run. His celebration raised more questions than his dance floor moves.

But then our own star man was seen running towards a lonely goal square. The crowd were on the edge of the seats. Sure enough, he got the perfect hand pass delivery 5 meters out in front of goal.
To call it a fumble wouldn’t give it justice. His hands were where his foot should’ve been and his feet were where his hands should’ve been. Gorilla esq.
However our star man is a seasoned pro and before letting allowing half of the Tamworth defence enough of an opportunity to attempt to touch his kick.
He kicked a goal.
Nomads were starting to get the ball rolling.
score: Nomads 76 played Kangaroos 45

The Fourth quarter, saw Armidale take control.

Michelle (mish) found space numerous times on the wing. The young boys Braydon and Morgan were impressive with Braydon kicking two goals for the day.
The flood gates opened as Nomads kicked several un answered goals.
Karps was impossible to contain with forward pressure, which even had the goal umpires even sweating it up.
Congrats to debutant, Andy Gray, and Braydon for their Debut performances.
The game finished on Armidale’s terms.
Nomads 18/14 – 122 defeating Kangaroos 6/14-50

Players player- Rambo
Presidents award- Tommy Hunt
Coaches- Jeremy ‘twinkle toes’ Bouch
Captains award- Mr ice cool under pressure, Frosty.
Meehan plumbing- Moddy (5 goals)

However both teams will be nursing injuries and so we wish a speedy recover to all injured.
The club would like to thank the Tawmorth Kangaroos for the game.
The club would like to thank all volunteers on the day, especially Will Reynolds for drinking the clubs beer.

The club travels down Narrabri next weekend.

Round 5 2018

Nomads def. Roos
Q14226 2315
HT7547 3624
Q3111076 6945
FT1814122 61450


  • B. Bloomfield,
  • J. Bourchier,
  • R. Brawne,
  • C. Carson,
  • L. Cudmore,
  • M. Dunn,
  • J. Frost,
  • A. Gray,
  • W. Hall,
  • M. Harriot,
  • M. Henman,
  • T. Hunt,
  • E. Karpany,
  • P. Mitchell,
  • A. Quail,
  • L. Raymond,
  • D. Richards,
  • A. Walsh.


  • D. Richards (5),
  • A. Quail (3),
  • B. Bloomfield (2),
  • E. Karpany (2),
  • L. Cudmore (2),
  • A. Walsh,
  • L. Raymond,
  • R. Brawne,
  • W. Hall.

Award winners:

  • L. Raymond (Players' Player),
  • J. Bourchier (Coach's),
  • T. Hunt (President's),
  • J. Frost (Captain's),
  • D. Richards (Meehan's Plumbing Services').

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