Nomads kick 41 goals against the Swans

The New England Nomad had a day out in the sun against an under-strength Tamworth Swan on Saturday in what was a very uneven contest. Midfielders Cameron “the Bullet” Graham, Tim Keys, Jesse Petrascu, Luke ‘Rambo’ Raymond and Jez Ratcliffe combined together brilliantly to dominate the centre clearances. Up forward Clarrie Barker (8 goals), David ‘Rampaging’ Richards (8 goals) and Harry Wakefield (7 goals) took full advantage of the opportunities that the midfielders provided. The game was also noteworthy for the debut of junior Morgan Dunn who acquitted himself admirably against the big lads. Final scores were 41.28.274 to 2.2.14.

It was once again a balmy autumn day in Armidale – not sure why people complain about the weather up here because its fine one day and beautiful the next. The Swans were low on numbers so it was decided to play 16 a side (like the old VFA).

Captain Fantastic, Mr David ‘Modra’ Richards, won the toss and chose the Uralla end once again – perhaps in honour of the jilbis in the side. The The Nomads were without the services of their coach and spiritual mentor, Big Tom Hunt and so the team started with Keesey in the ruck who did a wonderful job. Right from the get-go he was giving the mid-fielders easy disposals with his precision tapping. And things we just as good for the midfielders when the wild man Phill Mitchell took over ruck duties. Majors were scored in the first few minutes with great leading from Harry Wakefield and Ethan ‘Karps’ Karpany and sure kicking at the goals. In this quarter Clarrie Barker demonstrated just how much he has learned down in Sydney, dominating the forward line with his strong marking, especially at kick-outs. And Modra and Cammy were everywhere. The Bullet was particularly enjoying the space afforded by the decision to play 16 a side and was causing havoc out on the Albies Flank. At the first change the scores were 8.6.56 to 0.1.1 and the pattern for the day was set. (It should be noted that there was a particularly egregious dribble kick on the part of one Mr Harry Wakefield and we are yet to see whether this will make him liable for a donation to the Jason Dunstall levy).

The second quarter saw more of the same. Keysie was taking some very strong marks in the forward line while Pádraig Tobias was bursting through packs in his usual commando-military style. Also showing plenty of flair and finesse was newcomer to the game – and everyone’s favourite barista – Lockie Bettington: his endeavour in winning the hard ball was very impressive. The Nomads kicked 10 goals for the quarter. A particular highlight of the quarter was tyro Morgan Dunn’s first goal- Morgan marked strongly just outside the square and kicked truly with no obvious sign of nerves. (It must be said that either he or Harry will have to get a hair cut or else they will continue to make things difficult for spectators and goal umpires trying to work out who just kicked the ball). At half time the score was 18.12.120 to 1.1.7.

At the break assistant coaches Tobias and Mitchell made a number of positional changes primarily to ensure everyone had a taste up forward. And the nomads continued on their merry way. Steve Wilson effected a number of timely saves up back when he ball did go into the Nomads’ back half. Notably, the Nomads kept the Swans scoreless for the quarter. Up forward Liam Cudmore, obviously enjoying the opportunity, was providing plenty of leads in his new role as full forward and took some strong grabs. Perhaps Liam was also responsible for the accuracy with the Nomads kicking 10 straight for the quarter. At the last break the scores were 28.12.180 to 1.1.7.

Well if accuracy was the by-word of the third quarter it was not in the last. The Nomads forwards missed everything for about 10 minutes. 10 consecutive points were scored during one particularly shank-filled period. Many of these misses were from directly in front and from not very far out. The more unkindly members of the outfit (although not your correspondent of course), suggested it was a consequence of Coach Mitchell’s edict that once you kicked a goal you should take yourself off. This was an unlikely causal explanation and hence necessarily unkind. In the world of trade-offs who would prefer to stay on the ground for two minutes rather than enjoying the unbridled ecstasy of kicking a goal? Whatever the cause, the Nomads kicked 16 points in the last and probably would have broken the 300 point barrier if not for the inaccuracy.

The Nomads had winners all across the park and it was a good team effort. Discipline was maintained throughout. However, next week is going to be a very different set of circumstances. The Nomads will be playing the in-form Gunnedah Bulldogs at their home and so the Nomads cannot let complacency set in. So it will need to be a good week on the track.

Round 7 2017

Nomads def. Swans
Q18856 011
HT1812120 117
Q32812180 117
FT4128274 2214


  • C. Barker,
  • L. Bettington,
  • V. Chakalisa,
  • L. Cudmore,
  • M. Dunn,
  • C. Graham,
  • W. Hall,
  • E. Karpany,
  • T. Keys,
  • S. Macdonald,
  • P. Mitchell,
  • J. Petrascu,
  • J. Ratcliffe,
  • L. Raymond,
  • D. Richards,
  • P. Tobias,
  • H. Wakefield,
  • A. Walsh,
  • S. Wilson.


  • C. Barker (8),
  • D. Richards (8),
  • H. Wakefield (7),
  • C. Graham (3),
  • E. Karpany (3),
  • J. Petrascu (2),
  • J. Ratcliffe (2),
  • L. Cudmore (2),
  • T. Keys (2),
  • M. Dunn,
  • S. Wilson,
  • V. Chakalisa,
  • W. Hall.

Award winners:

  • C. Graham (Players' Player),
  • L. Cudmore (Coach's),
  • C. Barker (President's),
  • T. Kays (Captain's),
  • J. Ratcliffe (Meehan's Plumbing Services').

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