Nomads clean sweep on a gala day

The New England Nomads played excellent team football to beat the Inverell Saints by 174 points. Coach Ellis-Cluff kicked 7, Zac Economou 6 and Harry Wakefield 5, while in the middle David ‘Rampaging’ Richards, tyro Clarrie Barker and Hamish The Hammer Pearce dominated the contested ball. The final score was 27.27.189 to 2.3.15. All round it was an excellent day all round for the Nomads club with three games being played and the Nomads also won the women’s match and the under 15’s.

There was a great atmosphere at the ground before the Seniors game with the juniors winning an exciting match in the last kick of the day. The scores in that match were 8.6.54 t0 7.11.53 and standouts for the Nomads were Sam Bioletti, Morgan Dunn and Dylan Moore. Following this match came the Women’s match which the Nomads won comprehensively, 5.9.39 to 0.0.0.

By the time the seniors came on to the field there was quite a festive atmosphere around the traps. The Nomads kicked to the Uralla end. The Saints came out strongly and at one point in the first ten minutes the scores were level at 2 goals apiece. However, in the second half of the quarter the Nomads running-game started to come into effect and by the end of first quarter they were well ahead – the scores being 8.6.54 to 2.0.12. Harry Wakefield was causing lots of headaches up forward for the Inverell hackmen.

The second quarter saw the Nomads put the foot down. The backs were ruthless in this quarter not allowing anything to pass their way. Phill “Wild Man’ Mitchell, Mitch Darton and Tom Hunt in particular were too strong for the Saints forwards. Up forward the Chief Dawg, Coach Ellis-Cluff was taking some screamers while Zac was efficiently racking up marks and goals. The Nomads kicked seven for the quarter, scores at half time being 15.12.102 to 2.0.12.

In the third quarter the Nomads took the foot off the accelerator a bit and probably played a little bit too much pack football. As a consequence only 4 goals were scored for the quarter. The backs continued their excellent work and only conceded a pint for the quarter. Matt Foley played a very decisive role at this point on the half back line gaining kick after kick and redirecting play with his highly accurate left foot kicking. John Shirley was also very strong in defence. Tom Hunt went to the ruck after the Biggest Dog, James Treweeke, strained his hamstring and Big Sticks continued the dab work of James.

The final quarter saw the Nomads continue their excellent work, kicking a further 8 goals. A highlight was the scissor kick from Bello Dawg Ellis-Cluff whilst surrounded by 3 Inverell defenders – a goal worthy of Maradonna or Pele.

It was an excellent effort by the Nomads against an admittedly understrength Saints team. A highlight was the intensity at the contested ball. The talk was also brilliant.

The Nomads continued on to the Ball and a great evening was had by all. Thanks to Tom Hunt for organising this. We look forward now to the TAFL presentation night and then the finals in a week’s time.

Round 17 2016

Nomads def. Saints
Q18654 2012
HT1512102 2012
Q31917131 2113
FT2727189 2315


  • C. Barker,
  • V. Chakalisa,
  • L. Cudmore,
  • M. Darton,
  • Z. Economou,
  • J. Ellis-Cluff,
  • M. Foley,
  • H. Freund,
  • C. Graham,
  • W. Hall,
  • T. Hunt,
  • T. Keys,
  • C. Maljers,
  • P. Mitchell,
  • H. Pearce,
  • J. Petrascu,
  • L. Raymond,
  • D. Richards,
  • J. Shirley,
  • S. Snowden,
  • J. Treweeke,
  • H. Wakefield.


  • J. Ellis-Cluff (6),
  • H. Wakefield (5),
  • Z. Economou (5),
  • C. Barker (3),
  • H. Freund (2),
  • V. Chakalisa (2),
  • D. Richards,
  • H. Pearce,
  • T. Hunt,
  • T. Keys.

Award winners:

  • H. Pearce (Players' Player),
  • T. Keys (Coach's),
  • C. Barker (President's),
  • V. Chakalisa (Captain's),
  • P. Mitchell (Meehan's Plumbing Services').

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