Nomads top the ladder

By Ellen Dunger (Armidale Express, 22/04/2016)
The New England Nomads are sitting on top of the Tamworth AFL table with a victory against the Swans in Tamworth on Saturday.

The Nomads took a while to hit their straps, letting the Swans get into the game in the first quarter kicking two goals to get the home side in front.

The hosts’ early lead gave the Nomads the shock they needed, going on to dominate the remainder of the match.

“They jumped us early, we weren’t quite switched on enough and the third quarter we played pretty well,” said coach Jed Ellis-Cluff. 

“It was a pretty scrappy game.

“We certainly weren’t happy with the way we played but a lot of that was them not allowing us to play as well. 

“I don’t know whether we were quite switched on enough.”

Ellis-Cluff was quick to praise the Swans side, who have undergone roster changes over the off season. 

“They have improved a lot since last year which is good for them,” he said.

“They have a few younger blokes in the team which is really good because last year they had a lot of older blokes in there.

“They have a new coach and they are playing a different game style. 

“They were  really good around the contest especially in the first half, they really put it on us and we took a while to get going.”

With the Nomads down a few players, a re-shuffle was in order and Ellis-Cluff said players playing out of position stood up when it mattered.
“Hamish Pearce was really good in the middle,” he said. “Phil Mitchell, our ruckman was pulled out on Saturday morning and Phil Mitchell had had to play ruck for the first time and he was probably our best player.

“He was outstanding.

“Dave Bioletti kicked his first goal.
“I don’t know how long he has been at the club but he helps out whenever we are short and it was really good to see him get one on the weekend.”

The win against the Swans puts the Nomads on top of the leader board with rivals Inverell Saints.
The Nomads have taken on the Saints in the last three grand finals and Ellis-Cluff believes they will continue to be a benchmark team for the AFL competition. 

“It has always been tough to play them,” he said.

“We have been rivals now for a few years after three grand finals in a row we have played them.

“They are always thereabouts every year and pull together a good team.

“I don’t think they have missed finals for about 10 years now at least.

“I know they have got a few of their old players back now so they are looking really good.”

The AFL competition has a general bye over the long weekend before the competition resumes on April 30 when the Nomads take on Gunnedah Bulldogs.

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Round 3 2016

Swans def. by Nomads
Q12012 5636
HT4125 91266
Q35434 1617113
FT6844 2221153


  • C. Barker,
  • D. Bioletti,
  • S. Bioletti,
  • A. Cruickshank,
  • M. Darton,
  • J. Ellis-Cluff,
  • J. Freund,
  • J. Frost,
  • C. Graham,
  • W. Hall,
  • T. Lashlie,
  • I. Mestrom-Jones,
  • P. Mitchell,
  • H. Pearce,
  • J. Petrascu,
  • D. Richards,
  • C. Roe,
  • J. Shirley,
  • S. Snowden,
  • J. Treweeke,
  • A. Walsh.


  • J. Ellis-Cluff (7),
  • D. Richards (3),
  • C. Graham (2),
  • C. Roe (2),
  • J. Frost (2),
  • P. Mitchell (2),
  • A. Cruickshank,
  • A. Walsh,
  • D. Bioletti,
  • T. Lashlie.

Award winners:

  • P. Mitchell (Players' Player),
  • M. Darton (Coach's),
  • J. Ellis-Cluff (President's),
  • S. Snowden (Captain's),
  • H. Pearce (Meehan's Plumbing Services'),
  • C. Barker (VC's).

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