Nomads punish Moree

By Ellen Dunger (Armidale Express, 13/04/2016)
New England Nomads have begun their season with a thumping victory over an understrength Moree Suns at Bellevue Oval on Saturday.

The Nomads didn’t take long to kick into gear, putting unanswered points on the board to have a solid 44 point lead at the end of the first quarter.

From there, the home side continued to dominate.

The second quarter followed the fashion of the first with the Nomads not allowing the Suns to add to their tally.

By the time the third quarter commenced, the depleted Suns were too far behind to make much of an impact and the Nomads continued on their roll for the rest of the game.

By the time the full-time siren sounded, the Nomads had punished the Suns with a 267 points to nine victory.

Coach Jed Ellis-Cluff was pleased with his team’s effort despite the other side being short of players.

“Fitness played a big part in it,” he said.

“We had a bench so we were able to run them into the ground a fair bit.

“We held our structures really well and played unselfish football.

“Our backline of Mitch Darton, Phil Mitchell, Clarry Barker and Jonathon Frost really held their ground well and controlled it and played quarterback roles all day and didn’t get sucked up the ground kick-chasing.”

The coach said while the side demolished their opposition on the weekend, the Nomads can’t afford to be complacent early in the season.

“It is definitely a good start,” he said.

“There is still plenty of work to do it is only early days and they had a lot of players out too.

“It was just good to get off to a start and have a game under the belt.

“It has been a few weeks since our last game so it was good.”

The New England Nomads travel to Tamworth this weekend to take on the Swans.

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Round 2 2016

Nomads def. Suns
Q161046 022
HT1416100 022
Q32722184 022
FT4027267 139


  • C. Barker,
  • V. Chakalisa,
  • M. Darton,
  • J. Ellis-Cluff,
  • J. Frost,
  • C. Graham,
  • W. Hall,
  • T. Hunt,
  • T. Lashlie,
  • S. Macdonald,
  • C. Maljers,
  • I. Mestrom-Jones,
  • P. Mitchell,
  • H. Pearce,
  • J. Petrascu,
  • D. Richards,
  • C. Roe,
  • J. Shirley,
  • S. Snowden,
  • J. Treweeke,
  • A. Walsh.


  • J. Ellis-Cluff (10),
  • D. Richards (7),
  • C. Graham (5),
  • A. Walsh (3),
  • C. Barker (3),
  • T. Hunt (3),
  • C. Roe (2),
  • J. Treweeke (2),
  • C. Maljers,
  • M. Darton,
  • S. Snowden,
  • V. Chakalisa,
  • W. Hall.

Award winners:

  • J. Ellis-Cluff (Players' Player),
  • D. Richards (Coach's),
  • H. Pearce (President's),
  • C. Graham (Captain's),
  • J. Treweeke (Meehan's Plumbing Services'),
  • C. Roe (VC's).

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