The Bogan Ball from August 8th

While we are all preparing for this week’s grand final it is worth making mention of a special event from a month or so ago – the Nomads Bogan Ball. What the event demonstrated was that not very far below the surface of the apparently sophisticated men and women of the Nomads family lies a deep well of boganism.

Brendo, Wood-dog, Lonnie, Zac-the Axe, and the Flying Frenchman.

OK, ok, so it is a month or so ago but it is worth remembering. The band “The Fat Ladies” who have two old Nomads, Damian Wood and Dan Davies, played brilliantly. Thanks to the boys for putting on such a great show. Thanks also to DJ Ompsy for playing the tunes afterwards.

Winners on the night were Al “Lonnie” Mitchelson and Leisa “Shazza” Meehan.


If someone has a photo of the female winners then send them on to us. Apparently the photos that were taken were all blurred. Hmmmm.

Thanks to Jed Ellis-Cluff for all the organisation.

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