Nomads eclipse the Moree Suns

The New England Nomads had another large win on Saturday against the Moree Suns. ‘Rampaging’ Dave Richards and Zac Economou kicked 8 apiece while Hayden Clarke ‘chipped in’ with 7. Wulu Hall was best afield (and also kicked 4 goals), while Paddy Tobias, Jed Ellis-Cluff, Matt Foley and Al Mitchelson played excellent hard and skilful football all day. The final scores were 35.9.219 to 6.6.42.

Being August, Armidale’s notorious August winds decided it was time to make an unwelcome appearance. Although it was pleasantly sunny, the wind was blowing straight across the ground to the St Albert’s side of the oval. The side was also without a few players due to the various Balls and also illness.

Captain Modra won the toss and decided to kick towards the Uralla end. The Nomads started slowly with hardly anyone interested in chasing the pig’s leather around with any enthusiasm. There was a general air of lethargy about. One exception was Kid Vicious, (Paddy Tobias) who roved off big Ompsy and put his head over the ball time and time again to ensure the ball went forward. Jed was also pushing in hard (perhaps aware that his mother had driven another 11 hours to see him play). Another exception to the general malaise of lethargy was Hayden Clarke who marked strongly and kicked truly. Zac-the-Accumulator and Modra were also in the goal kicking action. By the end of the first quarter the Nomads were leading 8.4.52 to 1.0.6.

The second quarter started with the Nomads showing more dedication to the task at hand than had been the case in the first quarter. Unfortunately, early in the quarter last week’s star, Clarrie Barker received a knock on his leg and played no further part in the match – this was a real shame since conditions were perfect for his high marking and fast running style of football. During this quarter the half-back line really stood tall with Tom “Sticks” Hunt, Al Mitchelson and Gleeso controlling the air while John Shirley, Tony ‘we’re from Tiger-land’ Dickson and ‘Old Man’ Matty Woodward stopped any forward movement attempted by the Moree players. (It must also be noted that the Stanley man seemed to be having a very extended Tourette’s moment for much of this quarter since every time he went near the ball he yelled the word ‘sunshine’ – perhaps it helped him to locate where the ball would be at any given point in time – i.e. ‘In the Sunshine’). The new boy from Barham-Koondrook, Jesse Petrascu, saw a lot of the ball in this quarter and showed that he will be a force to be reckoned with over the next month or so. While out on the half forward flank the flying Frenchman, Andre Garraud, was providing plenty of movement. Modra kicked a couple of mercurial goals over his shoulder and sideways and so on, as is his want, in this quarter. At half time the Nomads led 15.96 to 2.4.16.

By the time the Nomads re-emerged from the dressing sheds the wind had largely died down. Zac noted it was time to put the foot on the pedal and the Nomads took notice. In this quarter the boys kicked 11 goals straight. Much of this was due to the Noeys’ forwards not taking pot-shots from impossible angles but unselfishly squaring up and looking for the forward in a better position. (Indeed the lack of selfishness on the part of the forwards was one of the most impressive parts of the days play and showed on the scoreboard.) Paddy Tobias was again starring while Matt Foley found a lot of kicks across the halfback line and through the middle in his usual unassuming manner. Wulu Hall was also very impressive and in one memorable moment he took the ball on the Albies wing, took two bounces ran around two opponents and goaled from 30 metres out. From the moment he got his hands on the ball, a goal always seemed to be on the cards. To their credit the Moree Suns did not give up and in this quarter managed to kick 4 goals – a highly impressive effort from a team 80 points down at half time. At the final change the scores were 26.6.156 to 6.4.40.

In the final quarter the Nomads started to play some impressive running football. Jed and Foles were dominating in the middle. Tony Dickson continued his strong form up back (clearly he has his eyes on Gleeso’s oddly-named Golden Fist award). ‘Angry’ Andre Garraud, channelling the ghost of Eric Cantona, was also a revelation up back. Zac and Modra were running amok up forward kicking goals at will. And Wise Al Mitchelson snuck forward to kick a six-pointer. Overall it was a very impressive win. The final score was 36.9.210 to 6.6.42.

The Moree Suns are improving and gave a good account of themselves despite the score. Given them a year or two and there will be some very good football played by some of their up and coming youngsters.

The Nomads will have to be on their toes next week – there will be no second chances if the team does not switch on right from the outset. (Perhaps the slow running between drills at training is a partial cause – as Wise Al always says, ‘how you train is how you play’).

We should also wish Zac Wells all the best in his recovery from an operation. We imagine, Wellsy, you are out there right now planning more shenanigans as we speak. We look forward to seeing you back on the track in the next couple of weeks.

Now to the Roos. See you all on the track this week. Bring your A-game.

Players Player W. Hall
Coach’s award: P. Tobias
President’s award: J. Ellis-Cluff
Captain’s award: A. Mitchelson
MPS: D. Richards

Round 14 2015

Nomads def. Suns
Q18452 106
HT15696 2416
Q3256156 6440
FT359219 6642


  • C. Barker,
  • D. Bioletti,
  • H. Clarke,
  • T. Dickson,
  • Z. Economou,
  • J. Ellis-Cluff,
  • M. Foley,
  • A. Garraud,
  • T. Granleese,
  • W. Hall,
  • T. Hunt,
  • T. Lashlie,
  • S. Macdonald,
  • A. Mitchelson,
  • J. Petrascu,
  • A. Pudney,
  • D. Richards,
  • J. Shirley,
  • O. Temoso,
  • P. Tobias,
  • A. Walsh,
  • M. Woodward.


  • D. Richards (8),
  • Z. Economou (8),
  • H. Clarke (7),
  • W. Hall (4),
  • J. Ellis-Cluff (2),
  • M. Foley (2),
  • A. Mitchelson,
  • A. Walsh,
  • M. Woodward,
  • S. Macdonald.

Award winners:

  • W. Hall (Players' Player),
  • P. Tobias (Coach's),
  • J. Ellis-Cluff (President's),
  • A. Mitchelson (Captain's),
  • D. Richards (Meehan's Plumbing Services').

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