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Hello Nomads (past, present and future) Family,

I hope you all enjoyed a safe and merry festive season. During this time it has given me time to reflect on season 2012 and in doing so gave me great joy in reflecting on the ultimate success. It also gave me time to think about what could be improved moving into season 2013. We need to keep on evolving as a team on and off the field, otherwise the rest of the pack will overtake us very quickly this year. This year I will be again assisted by Adrian “Starry” Walsh coaching and we have sat down and chatted about what we can do better this year, discussed current players and how we will manage our losses from our premiership squad. The committee (headed by club stalwart Ben Page again) have been brainstorming ways to boost funds, upgrade training equipment, improve welfare of players both on and off the field. I am absolutely rapt in what they have already achieved thus far and the players will ultimately benefit with the return of the Tablelands Cup and also a second practice match in late March before season begins.

Training itself has begun with the current aim of building aerobic fitness and core strength. Once we have some miles in the legs we will move to running in skills drills and game-plan style drills. We have had reasonable numbers for this time of the year and looking forward to the return of our uni-based players when they return from holidays. I am also looking forward to meeting the new influx of recruits that makes this club so unique and special.

We are in a similar position to last year in terms of players. This time last year we had lost about 12 players from the list (from best and fairest winner right through to fringe players) and needed to replace them all. Slowly but surely we did this and we know the rest of the story very well. This year is the same. So again this year we are looking for anyone interested in playing footy this year. And I implore that while highly skilled players are important, it are our fringe players who add depth to the squad that wins us premierships. That is the environment we foster at the Nomads where no member of the club is more important than the other, and everyone chips in when they need to. So instead of having the same pattern of last year where players trickle in through the year taking their time because they “weren’t sure if they were needed” – we need you, and make yourself known and come down ASAP!! Whether you have grown up playing the game or just want to give it a go this is the game for you. Last year we had players from every state and territory and also players from Botswana, Fiji and Afghanistan.

I am excited about this year and believe only us will hold us back from winning back-to-back premierships. Last year was extremely special and I hope to share what we experienced last year with the Nomads fraternity again this year.

Finally I would like to thank all of our sponsors including Wicklow Hotel, Sue Grills Racing, UNE/SportUNE and Community Mutual Group, because without their financial support we wouldn’t be able to run out every Saturday in the green, black and white .
See you on the track.

Tommy Granleese

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