Nomads triumph in front of crowd of Old Boys

In front of a large contingent of old boys from the UNE AFL club, in town for the 50 years celebration, the New England Nomads beat the Inverell Saints on Saturday by ten points. It was a strong win against the Saints and puts the Nomads on top of the TAFL ladder.

The game started in windy conditions with the Saints kicking to the pavilion end. The Nomads got of to a good start, kicking the first three goals, with Ash Cruikshank providing plenty of movement in the forward line and proving a handful for the Saints. The back-line was very solid, with Benji Julien, Tom Granleese and Zac Economou, in particular, doing plenty of strong defensive work. Towards the end of the quarter the Saints kicked three quick goals against the run of the play and they went to the break one point ahead.

The second quarter saw an increase in the intensity of the Nomads play. David ‘Modra’ Richards was particulary active on the half forward line, finding space despite plenty of attention from the Saints. The Nomads kicked four goals for the quarter against the Saints two and the Nomads were nine points ahead at half-time.

The third quarter saw the wind drop away and the Nomads continued their good form. The movement of forwards such as Caleb Dobos and Jon Freund was creating headaches for the Saints, with both kicking goals for the quarter. Ash Cruikshank was also moving well. The Nomads went to the final break 27 points ahead.

The last quarter promised to be a cracker, but it turned out to be a non-event as the Nomads managed to keep their collective noses in front of the Saints, managing only two goals to the Saints five. However, it never looked like the Saints would triumph. Weston Whitby was a rock in the middle and Riley Connor continued his good running form. Coach Granleese also did an impressive job on their tall forwards, preventing them from marking in the fifty with his disciplined punching

Best players for the Nomads were Ash Cruikshank, Weston Whitby, Lockie McLeod (who once again did an impressive job as a tagger), Zac Economou, Riley Connor and Benji Julien. We look forward to hosting the Tamworth Roos next Saturday in what should be an excellent game.

Round 16 2012

Nomads def. Saints
Q13321 3422
HT7648 5939
Q311975 61248
FT131391 111581


  • C. Ballagh,
  • V. Chakalisa,
  • R. Connor,
  • H. Cook,
  • A. Cruickshank,
  • C. Dobos,
  • Z. Economou,
  • G. Elson,
  • J. Freund,
  • J. Frost,
  • D. Graan,
  • T. Granleese,
  • L. Holmes,
  • B. Julien,
  • L. McLeod,
  • A. Parish,
  • D. Richards,
  • K. Rowlings,
  • S. Stubbs,
  • A. Walsh,
  • W. Whitby,
  • M. Woodward.


  • A. Cruickshank (3),
  • C. Dobos (2),
  • R. Connor (2),
  • W. Whitby (2),
  • D. Graan,
  • D. Richards,
  • G. Elson,
  • J. Freund.

Award winners:

  • A. Cruickshank (Players' Player),
  • W. Whitby (Coach's),
  • Z. Economou (President's),
  • L. McLeod (Captain's),
  • D. Graan (VC's),
  • D. Richards (Red Rooster).

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