Juniors Gala Day

There will be an Under 15s junior competition on Sunday 5 August at Bellevue Oval. The Sydney Swans Junior Academy will be in attendance to scout for talent from the region. This is their first visit to Armidale. The plan for the day is–

10.00-11.30 Fitness testing SportUNE Sport Centre – sprints, jumps, beep tests etc.
11.30-12.00 Move to Bellevue Oval, UNE, organise teams.
12.15- 14.45 Games. The aim is to have games by age group, in order that skill assessment can be carried out by Academy guys. Games are planned for 11-13 and 14-15 age groups.

There will also be some skill activities between games for the Academy staff to assess kids, eg. longest kick.

Last week the juniors did very well losing by 8.7 (55) to 8.10 (58) against a physically challenging Inverell Saints side.

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