Nomads kick off 2012 with Practice Match

Saturday 24th marked the day of the Nomads return to the park with a practice match against the Sawtell Saints. With Sawtell winning 5 of the last 7 premierships in the North Coast competition, it was a great chance for the Nomads to benchmark themselves against a higher league team.

In the first of five quarters, the Nomads looked poised in defence with newcomer Carl Holshier and ever-green veteran Adrian Walsh nullifying many Sawtell attacks. Nomads looked dangerous in attack through regulars Jonathon Frost and David Richards. It was also very pleasing to see Nomads big man Simon Stubbs looking dangerous in the ruck and full forward after recovering from a broken leg last year.

With Sawtell having roughly twice as many players playing, it was inevitable that the Saints would run over the Nomads. However Velani Chukalesa was a stand out for the game across half back and centre. With so many new faces in the team, much potential was shown.

Sawtell must be commended for their cooperation helping out with the Nomads slightly short numbers, the BBQ and drinks provided post-game. Hopefully this will become an annual match.

The day was however soured with a sickening clash in the second quarter with Holshier’s head and new coach Tommy Granleese’s hip. Carl was flown to Newcastle for scans on his neck. Carl will be heading home soon to Echuca and the Nomads community wish him well in his rehabilitation. We look forward to seeing Carl back at the club in whatever capacity that may be. A special mention needs to be given to the Sawtell medical staff for their professionalism, and Caleb Dobos who stayed with Carl until the late hours of Saturday night.

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