Round 12 home v Tamworth Swans

The team to play the Swans at Bellevue on 6 August is:

B Ballagh Schultz R. Whitby
HB McLeod Frost T. Walsh
C Nelson Teseling Woodward
HF Bourke Ross W. Whitby
F Dobos D. Pearce Julian
R Temoso H. Pearce Richards

Interchange: Sides, Wright, Chukalisa, A. Walsh
Emergencies: Phillips, Holman

Be at Bellevue by 12:30pm.

3 Responses to “Round 12 home v Tamworth Swans”

  1. Bizarro Says:

    That Team is Hard as Iron, Sharp as Steel,
    Stops for no man, Swannies beg and kneel.

    Blazing on to glory, thunder in our veins
    Nothing stands before us, forever we’ll remain…


    FOR THE KILL!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. #29 Says:

    Difficult to add much to the concise, reasoned argument of Bizarro.

    Hoping for a good win on Saturday to get us back on track.

  3. #29 Says:

    111 letter words. Testing the CSS to destruction. Bugger.

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