Round 5 2011: away v Tamworth Swans

The team to play the Swans at Tamworth No.1 Oval on 4 June is:

B C. Ballagh M. Reece N. Lambie
HB N. Schultz T. Walsh G. Wagstaff
C D. Sides J. Freund M. Bourke
HF A. Walsh H. Ross M. Woodward
F C. Dobos W. Whitby A. Cruikshank
R O. Temoso D. Richards J. Frost

Interchange: G. Nelson, M. Dowdle, L. Holmes, V. Chakalisa
Emergencies: J. Phillips

3 Responses to “Round 5 2011: away v Tamworth Swans”

  1. Nomadic Says:

    Put Chakalisa on da ball 4 sum Motswako Riddim!

  2. KneeStrappin! Says:

    Put Parish on Gavin Knee for some dramatic irony!

  3. Korpiklaani Says:

    Paat pois tai hirteen!

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