Round 1 2011: away vs Narribri Eagles

The team to play the Eagles at Narribri on 30 April is:

B M. Bourke N. Schultz A. Parish
HB T. Walsh M. Reece D. Pearce
C D. Sides C. Ballagh J. Wright
HF B. Garwood H. Ross A. Cruikshank
F D. Richards S. Stubbs W.Whitby
R O. Temoso J. Frost H. Pearce

Interchange: M. Woodward, L. Holmes, C. Murray, A.Walsh
Emergencies: M. Dowdle. G. Wagstaff

Be at Bellevue by 8:30am.

3 Responses to “Round 1 2011: away vs Narribri Eagles”

  1. Dave MacLellan Says:

    Good to see plenty of numbers and new surnames on the Nomads team sheet for the opening game of the year.

    Hope to see you start with a big win on the Eagle’s tennis court.

    Dave MacLellan

  2. Dan Hughes Says:

    On ya Dave eagles tennis court lol good win for the eagles p.s the eagles ground doesn’t look anything like a tennis court lol

  3. Vertigotohellp Says:

    It doesn’t look like a tennis court, but it does have tennis court line markings. As well as Rugby soccer and hopscotch line markings.
    If you take a big bong hit just before a match, stand on the 50m (?) arc and stare up the corridor you get so dizzy that your gonads go back up into your body.
    If you don’t believe me, just try it out.

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