Nomads book a spot in the preliminary final

by Nick Schultz
The Nomads went down to Tamworth No. 1 oval on Saturday to record a classic victory over the Tamworth Swans, booking ourselves a spot in next week’s preliminary final.

We had lost twice to the Swans at Tamworth during the season, but with a good week on the track and an injection of talent into the line-up, we knew we were in with a chance. Returning from injury or unavailability were our star forward Weston Whitby, our gun centreman Gavin Nelson, and three key big men – Anthony Reid, Joe Harland and Glen Northway. It was also the 50th game for Northway, a past captain at the club.

We showed our intent early, as both sides attacked the ball hard. Whitby was making space up forward and was on the board early. However, the Swans made the most of their forward entries and we missed a few scoring opportunities and found ourselves five points down at quarter time. We took control of the centre breaks at the start of the second and put a few goals on quickly. In an open and see-sawing quarter, the Swans twice clawed back a small Nomads lead. A goal after the half time siren put the Swans three points up, and we went into the rooms feeling like we’d failed to capitalise on some hard work.

The third quarter was a slog, and neither side could find and easy shot on goal. We felt we were getting on top of the Swans around the ground, but after only two goals for the quarter to their one, we still found ourselves a point down at the last break.

The Swans kicked the first goal of the last. We weren’t letting this one go, though. The next fifteen minutes saw Whitby take a specky and goal, Mark Dowdle turn his man inside and send it through post high from 50 out, and Ben Page slot one from deep in the forward pocket. We kicked six of the last seven goals to take out an emphatic 24 point win.

Although it was the last quarter where we finally stamped out authority on the scoreboard, it was a full-team, four-quarter effort, and easily our best showing of the year. Gavin Nelson put in an amazing effort to run with Gavin Knee-one of the league’s best midfielders-keeping him goalless and pretty quiet. Anthony Reid and Hamish Pearce were dominant in the midfield all day. Whitby kicked six, and was ably supported up forward by Caleb Dobos and Joe Harland, with three each. The back line kept the Swans to a miserly three goals after half time, with Kenneth Clayton and Adrian Walsh getting right on top of their forwards. Matt Bourke executed some of his lighting runs out of defence, and the 50-gamer Northway was a general across half back.

The team and coach were clearly wrapped with the win down at the pub, but talk quickly turned to next week and our preliminary final against the Tamworth Roos. The Roos have had the better of us this year so far, but should we put in another effort like the one on the weekend we’ll give ourselves every chance of a spot in the Grand Final against Inverell. Get to training boys, train hard and get yourselves ready for another big one next week.

Award winners: Player’s player – Nick Schultz, Coach’s Award – Gavin Nelson, Captain’s Award – Matt Bourke, President’s Award – Hamish Pearce, Vice Chancellor’s Award – Lachie McLeod.

Round SF1 2010

Swans def. by Nomads
Q14226 3321
HT9559 8856
Q3101070 10969
FT121486 1614110


  • C. Ballagh,
  • M. Bourke,
  • M. Clayton,
  • C. Dobos,
  • M. Dowdle,
  • D. Dunlop,
  • J. Frost,
  • J. Harland,
  • L. Holmes,
  • L. McLeod,
  • C. Murray,
  • G. Nelson,
  • G. Northway,
  • B. Page,
  • H. Pearce,
  • A. Reid,
  • N. Schultz,
  • C. Teseling,
  • A. Walsh,
  • T. Walsh,
  • W. Whitby,
  • J. Wright.


  • W. Whitby (6),
  • C. Dobos (3),
  • J. Harland (3),
  • B. Page,
  • J. Frost,
  • M. Dowdle,
  • N. Schultz.

Award winners:

  • N. Schultz (Players' Player),
  • G. Nelson (Coach's),
  • H. Pearce (President's),
  • M. Bourke (Captain's),
  • L. McLeod (VC's).

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