Splish, splash, squelch

Round 18, which consisted of two games postponed from Round 9 due to waterlogged grounds, was abandoned this weekend for the same reason.

What now needs to happen in Round 19 for the Nomads to get a home semi-final? The Country Energy TAFL ladder is primarily ranked on win percentage. The Swans currently have seven wins from 12 matches (a win percentage of 58.3%). If they win next week, they will have eight wins from 13 matches (61.5%); while a loss would leave them on seven wins from 13 games (53.8%). Of course, Tamworth No.1 Oval may be unplayable again next week, keeping them on their current 58.3%.

Note that the CETAFL web site’s ladder is not correct as abandoned/postponed games have been treated as draws, which contribute half a win. As of Monday morning, the Swans have a win percentage of 66.6% there.

New England are currently on eight wins from 14 matches (57.1%), and victory over Gunnedah next weekend would give them a win percentage of 60%. A defeat would leave them on 53.3%, and a draw 56.6%.

So to get a home semi-final the Nomads must win in Round 19 while the Swans do not.

If any grounds are unplayable in Round 19, there will be some interesting discussions between the CETAFL executive. However, given their previous decision to cancel Round 16 in it’s entirety that would have to be the most likely outcome, resulting in a Swans-Nomads semi-final in Tamworth.

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