Nomads make it four in a row with big win

By Nick Schultz
The Nomads celebrated Anthony Reid’s 50th game in style on the weekend in front of a good home crowd, beating an under strength Muswellbrook Cats by 133 points.

The Cats, who were travelling to Armidale for the first time in a few years, were short on numbers, so the game was played 16 a side. The first quarter saw the most even contest for the day. While our forward line was working well, the Cats were playing it straight through the corridor and bombing long. I was having a bit of trouble with the Man Mountain the Cats had stationed in their goal square, but we’d gained a three goal lead by quarter time.

We really started to turn it on the second. Weston Whitby was bouncing out of packs and finding space with ease, while Tom Walsh was mopping up everything that came his way on the wing. The Cats, who were already without a bench, lost a man to a dislocated knee cap. They matched us fairly well around the centre bounces and clearances, but it was mostly one way traffic for the rest of the day.

While the numbers were stacked in our favour for the second half, the Cats fought it out hard, and there was a lot of great team play involved in our big win. We resisted the temptation to bomb it long and stuck to our game plan of possession football, working it forward patiently. Weston had his bag of 10 soon after half time (he ended up with 11) and spent the rest of the game playing up the field a bit and trying to bring other forwards into the game. The crowd loved it when returning player Reece Whitby put one through, and when 50-gamer Reid found his radar on the run from 50 out.

Jonathan Frost and Clinton Ballagh continued the great form they have both shown all season, while Glen Northway was dominant all day and is starting to regain top form despite very few games this season. Gav Nelson was tough in the centre, and Anthony Fisher was really handy in his last appearance before his returning to New York.

The Nomads Ball at the Wicklow after the game was a resounding success – thanks to the organisers Amy Cosby and Trudy Page, and to all involved. It was a really fun night, and great to see so many nomads supporters and ex-players in town supporting the club.

We head to Inverell next weekend for the league’s toughest assignment. It’s an opportunity for us to see where we are at against the league’s best, and we would love to come home with a win. As usual, I hope as many Nomads as possible can get to training.

Award winners: Player’s Player – Weston Whitby, Coach’s Award – Craig Merrick and Dave Bioletti (for graciously giving up their spots in the side when the game was reduced to 16 a side), Captain’s Award – Glen Northway, President’s Award – Gavin Nelson, Vice Chancellor’s Award – Clinton Ballagh (this award was accompanied by a 3-part riddle and ode to Rowdy courtesy of Jim Barber), Red Rooster Award – Tom Walsh.

Round 12 2010

Nomads def. Cats
Q16339 3119
HT13583 4226
Q3216132 7345
FT2911185 8452


  • C. Ballagh,
  • M. Bourke,
  • M. Clayton,
  • M. Dowdle,
  • D. Dunlop,
  • A. Fisher,
  • J. Frost,
  • J. Harland,
  • M. Maxwell,
  • C. Murray,
  • G. Nelson,
  • G. Northway,
  • B. Page,
  • A. Reid,
  • N. Schultz,
  • O. Temoso,
  • T. Walsh,
  • R. Whitby,
  • W. Whitby,
  • J. Wright.


  • W. Whitby (11),
  • J. Frost (4),
  • G. Northway (3),
  • M. Maxwell (3),
  • A. Fisher (2),
  • A. Reid (2),
  • B. Page (2),
  • J. Harland,
  • R. Whitby.

Award winners:

  • W. Whitby (Players' Player),
  • C. Merrick, D. Bioletti (Coach's),
  • G. Nelson (President's),
  • G. Northway (Captain's),
  • C. Ballagh (VC's),
  • T. Walsh (Red Rooster).

2 Responses to “Nomads make it four in a row with big win”

  1. Brendo Says:


    Four in a row. Congratulations to all the players and Brendo the coach.

    Big one this Saturday. All the best.



  2. Norm Says:

    I guess SOS winning the Red Rooster award is karma coming back to the Walsh clan for all the times the award was ‘won’ by a member of the Team Nomad household.

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