Colouring-in competition

Not the template, but an example

Not the template, but an example

Now is your chance to have a say in the design of the next Nomads’ kit. Just download the template from here and have a play either on the computer or print it out and get the crayons out.

A couple of hints; you need to consider that there will be sponsors logos on the front and back, and that the jumper and the wide strip up the side of the shorts can be printed with any design. Oh, and a phallus is not a good motif for a footy jumper.

There are no prizes, just the satisfaction of contributing to the club. It doesn’t need to be flash, just clear enough that we can see what’s what.

The bests ideas will be stolen and used in the design of the new club kit. Or not.

And just to get you started, my first effort is on the left. It has the ball and compass in the middle, as on the current jumper, and black and white horizontals for those of you old enough to remember the first Nomads jumper (Mmmm, scratchy).

You can e-mail your designs to, or work out how to get a hard copy to Ron. Closing date? Monday December 7.

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