Much needed victory gives Nomads a shot at finals

Oms Temoso goes up for the ball under pressure

Oms Temoso goes up for the ball under pressure

By Ruby Roberts (Armidale Express, 06/07/2009)
The New England Nomads dominated the field and secured a much-needed 27-point victory against the Tamworth Kangaroos on Saturday.

The Nomads kicked 16.10 106 to the Roos 11.13 79.

Nomads coach Brendan Meehan said that the win gave the team a good chance to make it to the finals.

“We played much better football than we have been and came out on top,” Meehan said.

“After a bad run, we really needed the victory.

“This keeps us in touch with the top four, and gives us a crack at the final.

“Now we’re only one game out of the top four, whereas if we’d lost we’d be three games out.”

The Roos were two goals in front in the first quarter, but by half time the Nomads had taken the lead, also by two goals.

“By the third quarter we were getting more controlled and playing better football,” Meehan said.

“We kept running and took control of the ball, and by the three quarter mark we were leading by a couple of goals.

“Our hard work was showing towards the end and we got tired, which gave the Roos a chance to score a couple of goals in the last quarter, but we kept our lead.”

Meehan said that Warren Redhead played well and proved to be an excellent substitute for injured centre halfback Paul Harris.

“We had a few stand out players.

“Kenneth Clayton played well, Omphile Temoso performed well in the ruck, and Rich Malone played a great game this week across the half back line,” Meehan said.

“But I think this week we won because we played as a team.

“I think this will show the boys what can happen when everyone puts in 100 per cent and when we don’t just rely on a few players to carry the game.”

Meehan said that the team have a very good chance of making the top four if they kept playing at their peak as a team.

“If the team can keep believing in themselves and putting in their best, then we have a good chance of making it to the finals,” he said.

In other TAFL games on Saturday, the Swans 21.23 149 defeated the Cats 7.5 47, and the Bulldogs 11.11 77 defeated the Saints 10.15 75.

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Round 9 2009

Nomads def. Roos
Q1128 3624
HT7446 4731
Q311773 71052
FT1610106 111379


  • A. Baillie,
  • C. Ballagh,
  • M. Bourke,
  • M. Clayton,
  • C. Dobos,
  • D. Dunlop,
  • J. Frost,
  • W. Hamilton,
  • S. Hanks,
  • R. Malone,
  • M. Maxwell,
  • B. Page,
  • W. Redhead,
  • J. Reid,
  • H. Robertson,
  • N. Schultz,
  • O. Temoso,
  • S. Trotman,
  • A. Walsh,
  • T. Walsh,
  • W. Whitby,
  • J. Wright.


  • M. Maxwell (4),
  • A. Walsh (3),
  • W. Whitby (3),
  • B. Page,
  • C. Ballagh,
  • J. Wright,
  • R. Malone,
  • S. Hanks,
  • S. Trotman.

Award winners:

  • M. Clayton (Players'Player),
  • J. Wright (Coach's),
  • C. Dobos (President's),
  • T. Walsh (Captain's).

One Response to “Much needed victory gives Nomads a shot at finals”

  1. Gary Ablett Jr Says:

    I’d like to congratulate Pagey on his goal. If only he was a little shorter and a little balder, he could be just like me……a football god!!

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