Inverell Auskick visit

A joint Auskick event has been planned for Bellevue Oval on Saturday 27 June, before the Country Energy TAFL match between the Nomads and Saints.

The event will start at 12 noon and continue until 1:15pm, with a small competition between four 9-player sides in the 8-10 age group and a skills/practice game for the 6-7 year-olds.

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  1. Jarod H Says:

    At 11:45 on Sat 27 Jun, the ball was bounced to start a fierce battle between the Nomads and Saints. The Nomads took an early lead, booting the first goal. But Inverell were not shook. They missed three times before scoring successfully. The Nomads could not hold off as the Saints stormed to an 11-point lead. A Nomads goal just before 1/3 time put the game back within reach. Saints hit form again in the second third, scoring 2.2 of the next 4.1. Unshaken, the Nomads hit hard, kicking four goals in ten minutes. After a rotation, Armidale went into the final term 15 points up. Bad kicking hurt the Saints in the early part of the last third, but they got to within 5 points. Nomads held off with a goal, but the Saints were quick to respond. With 4 minutes to go in the final term, the Nomads had the ball down their end, and led 9-1-55 to 6-15-55. A mark was almost taken, but the valuable would-be goal trickled through for a rushed behind. The remarkable way the Saints took the ball up the ground could not be stopped, and no Nomad touched the ball until the ruck afterwards. With the Saints leading by a point, and a minute to go, both coaches told their sides to play up. The Nomads slowly took the ball forward, and a mark was taken 15 ms out. The kick was stopped at full-back, and an attempt to rebuild failed as the backman slipped over. A goal was snapped, then the siren blew.

    ARM 2-0 12 8-1 49 10-2 62
    INV 2-5 17 4-10 34 7-15 57

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