African Football League

By Matt McLennan (Armidale Express, 09/04/2009)

Oms Temoso

Oms Temoso

It may not be the first country that comes to mind when one thinks of AFL, but Botswana has a representative in the local competition.

The New England Nomads have secured the services of Omphile Temeso in the Tamworth Australian Football League competition.

The lanky (he’s six-foot-seven) University of New England economics student will line up at ruckman in the Nomads side, after being recommended to the sport by a friend.

Temeso began training at the end of January, and has loved the game ever since.

He says it’s a combination of his three favourite sports.

“It’s got kicking in it, like soccer, and it’s got some elements of volleyball in it too,” he said.

“They are the sports I played back home.”

Temeso played his first organised game during the Tablelands Cup, and got some positive feedback about his performance.

“According to people who were watching, I went well,” he said.

“I can’t judge myself yet.

“The guys have been encouraging me and telling me I will be a good player if I keep going, and because of their encouragement I have kept going.”

He said the ruckman position is almost perfect for a man of his size.

“It’s a good position because I am tall,” he said.

“That experience makes it easier for me.”

It hasn’t all been smooth sailing for Temeso. He still struggles with some aspect of the Australian game.

“I’m still having trouble with the hand pass, but I am working on that, and other weaknesses with my coach,” he said.

Temeso is one of a number of new faces in the Nomads line-up this year.

He said they are confident of a strong showing throughout the season.

“I think the way we play as a team is good,” he said.

“The experienced players are always trying to encourage us, so by the time the season starts we will be playing even better as a team.”

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  1. Sam Trotman Says:

    The clubs new glamour boy… Since Lahl left.

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