Round 11 2008: home v Tamworth Kangaroos

The team to play the Roos at Bellevue on 5 July is:

B Saunders Northway Webb
HB Vesey Walsh M. Clayton
C Dobos Curran Welton
HF Page Denniss Wright
F Crump Reid McGrath
R Keogh Maxwell Ballagh

Interchange: Sinclair, Dunlop, McBride, Lynam
Emergencies: None

Be at Bellevue by 12:30pm.

2 Responses to “Round 11 2008: home v Tamworth Kangaroos”

  1. web Says:

    why bother putting up the teams when they are not true. whitby x 2

  2. Ron Says:


    The teams are put up for the information of club members, supporters and anyone else that may be interested.

    The team listed on the site on Friday was that named on Thursday evening at the selection meeting, and included a number of fringe/stand-in players to cover for absences – including the expected continuing absences of Weston and Reece Whitby and Nick Schultz.

    Nick declared himself available on Friday having managed to re-jig his fieldwork schedule.

    On Saturday morning, Weston and Reece contacted the club to say that they were back in town and keen to play if possible. Therefore, some players that would not normally have played were stood down, in particular since Reece still requires some appearances to qualify for the finals.

    Your statement that the team listed was not “true” is incorrect, it was just not the side that took the field on Saturday. A subtle difference perhaps, but a difference nonetheless. And something that happens to most teams in this competition on a regular basis.

    If you meant to imply that we were in some way playing silly games by leaving the Whitbys (and Nick Schultz) off the list, I hope this explanation clears that up.


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