Nomads fade away

Dave MacLellan
The game against the Inverell Saints provided another devastating quarter, where opposition sides have posted rapid goals and have cost the New England Nomads dearly. In fact this has occurred numerous times to the Nomads, while in winning positions, throughout the season thus far. The similarities to previous games are so evident that this report could be written almost entirely by re-hashing worn-out, generic clichés, describing the game of two halves, giving full credit to the opposition for sticking to their game plan, trusting their own abilities, digging deep when the going was tough and eventually coming away with a win. The Nomads of 2008 have once again failed to play the full hundred minutes, coming away with nothing for second prize, nor for the promising and positive first half.

The game was low scoring and hard fought from the outset, but the Nomads managed to create and maintain a lead going into the main break. The third quarter, known in AFL circles as the premiership quarter, was when last years flag winners ran rampant and caught the Nomads sleeping. The Saints were relentless and fierce in attacking the ball, eventually winning the quarter nine goals to one and all but ending the Nomads day. The heads and confidence remained low as the home side were again outscored in the last quarter allowing the visitors a comeback victory 17-9-111 to 10-6-66.

Next weekend will be a rest weekend as five New England Nomads players join representatives from other league sides to represent the Tamworth Australian Football League at the Regional Championships in Wagga Wagga. The remainder of the side will use the break to tune skills and fitness in preparation for the next round of games.

Apologies for the late publication of this report, Dave’s e-mail got overlooked amidst a sea of spam.

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