Nomads Ball 2008

After the success of last years inaugural Nomads Ball and in light of the fact that this year we are celebrating the 10th season of the Nomads the second Nomads Ball is going to be a wonderful night of celebration for the club. It will be held on Saturday 10th May at the Wicklow Hotel.

All past and current players are invited along with family, friends, supporters and sponsors. Keep an eye on this site or contact the club for more information.

An organising committee will be formed to oversee the preparations for this event. If anyone is interested in helping, whether you are a player, supporter, wife or girlfriend please contact the club. The more the merrier. Many hands make light work. And all that stuff.

2 Responses to “Nomads Ball 2008”

  1. warwick Says:

    Is there a nomads game on this weekend? If so I’ll have a celebrity thanks(forward pocket)

  2. Ron Says:


    See that link at the top of the screen? The one that says “Fixtures, Results and Stats”? Don’t know why I bother some days. There is a home game against the Swans on May 10.

    Oh, and congrats on the sprog.

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