Nomads no match for high-flying Tamworth Roos

By James Polson (Armidale Express, 23/07/2007)
The New England Nomads went down to the Tamworth Roos by 83 points at No.1 Oval in Tamworth on Saturday.

In what was expected to be a far closer encounter, the Armidale side went down by 19-22-136 to 8-5-53.

The home side led at every break, kicking three goals from 10 scoring shots in the first quarter.

The Nomads were down by 26 points at the break, but were demolished in the final two quarters to the tune of 12 goals to two.

It was a rusty performance by the Nomads, who are still missing a number of key players and haven’t played together in a number of weeks.

“We did expect it to be closer, but they ran away with it at the end so I didn’t quite expect it to be that bad,” Nomads coach Adrian Walsh said.

“TO be honest they could have killed it in their first quarter if they’d kicked straight, but they just couldn’t score as many goals as they should have.

“They just had more runs and we just haven’t played enough together lately.

“we’re still missing quite a few players, but with football up here with the university and holidays there’s always people going so it’s no excuse.

“The ball delivery to each other was appalling, it was really just a rusty performance all around the park.”

The Nomads are at home to Muswellbrook this weekend.

“We should have a full complement next week, but we’re still getting injuries and a lot of players are a bit unfit,” Walsh said.

“Matt Denniss broke both his arms yesterday, so he’s obviously out for the year.”

The win sees the Roos on level pegging with the Nomads from a points perspective, however they are slightly behind on percentages.

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