Round 2 2007: home v Tamworth Swans

The team to play the Swans at Bellevue Oval on April 21 is:

B Laing Curran Welton
HB Hanks West Meehan
C Penberthy Northway Dunlop
HF Drum Dennis C. Dobos
F Ballagh Handley A. Dobos
RR Reid Maxwell Alderuccio

Interchange: Vesey, Noyer, Crump, Walsh
Emergency: McLellan

Be at Bellevue by 12.30 and in the changing rooms by 1pm.

3 Responses to “Round 2 2007: home v Tamworth Swans”

  1. Frank Drum Says:

    Where is the BIG wog McGrath, don’t tell me he’s turn his gut muscle already!
    Congrats on last week starry and good to see Ronny back for his first game in years.

  2. Ron Says:


    Good to see you’re still keeping an eye on us.

    Ooh-aah is still away, uni holidays.

    I actually played a bit last week (Dyl couldn’t get back for the game). But once the students all get back, I expect to be relegated to sausage sizzling duties.

  3. Sarge Says:

    RON’S BACK – watch out umpires – he’s one hell of sledger.

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