Round 14 home v Gunnedah Bulldogs

The team to play the Bulldogs at Bellevue Oval on August 12 is:

FB Meehan Malone Curran
HB Drum Reid O’Brien
C McGrath Walsh Mahy
HF Richardson Northway Sartor
F Page W. Whitby Nixon
RR Hunt Horne Maxwell

Interchange: O’Grady, Hanks, MacLellan, Fisher
Emergencies:Pascoe, Dennis.
Be there early – everybody in the rooms by 1pm.

Game-day Timetable

Everyone in the change-room, sign in immediately and switch on!
Everyone dressed, ready and thinking about the game. Warm up at your own pace (stretching, jogging handballing etc.), lots of talk.
Everyone seated and listening to the days gameplan, think about your position and role for the day.
Out onto the ground for the warm up, lots of talk.
5 min jog and stretch
5 min handball
5 min Kicking
Game time

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