Nomads play for second on the ladder

By Michael Morrissey (Armidale Express, 11/08/2006)
The New England Nomads are playing for more than just a win when they take on the Gunnedah Bulldogs tomorrow.

They’re playing for second place on the Tamworth Australian Football League ladder.

The Nomads, after a stellar start to the year, suffered a dramatic midseason slump.

They lost four consecutive games before regrouping a fortnight ago to flog the Narrabri Eagles.

New England plans to keep up the form against the Bulldogs.

They’ll have to rely on their running game according to coach Adrian Walsh.

“There’s no reason we shouldn’t do well because we’re at home,” he said.

“While Gunnedah on the other hand, it’s either last game of the year so they’ve got nothing to lose.

“I don’t think any of us should take them lightly.

“What’s important is not just winning but playing the sort of football that will help you win when you’re playing the better sides.

“What I’m looking for is the running game.

“Earlier in the year we played our running game and I know some sides, particularly the Swans have changed their training to help counter that.”

The Nomads are heading into the fixture without any injury clouds.

Their only worry is John Mahy, their winger, who has been complaining of shin splints but he is expected to get the all clear from the doctor.

A strong performance from Weston Whitby should help the Nomads get over the line.

The game is scheduled to kick off at Bellevue at 2pm tomorrow.

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