Nomads clip Eagles’ wings

From the Armidale Independent, 02/08/2006.
The Narrabri Eagles didn’t get a chance to spread their wings against the New England Nomads at Bellevue Oval last Saturday. The visitors lost more than a few tail feathers, losing with a final score of 17.19.121 to 1.5.11.

The Eagles didn’t even get a chance to score by the half-time siren and were run down at every opportunity.

“Our defence is as good as it’s been for the last few years and everyone was running in numbers with three or four people in every contest,” explained Jack Sartor, publicity officer for the Nomads.

This is a welcome win for the Nomads following a losing streak the last few rounds. Sartor doesn’t consider that his team played much differently from the previous matches but suggests that the winning performance was due to the fact that “everyone played with more intensity”.

There is also a history of positional changes which have weakened the side in the past as players were switched before confidence could be found.

“Everyone has to sort out where they are best suited to play. We had a lot of rotation so it made it difficult to get used to where they play. But that’s started to come together.”

And it was definitely coming together for forward Weston Whitby who finished the game with eight goals to his name.

Sartor also admits that the phenomenal score difference is somewhat attributable to the fact that the Eagles had to field a side missing several players through injury and circumstance.

“It is very difficult in AFL to break free of a ruck situation when you are outnumbered. We made sure we used our numbers advantage to perfection.

“Everyone was running a lot harder than usual.”

The Nomads will play Gunnedah in two weeks’ time which, if they win, will be able to maintain their second place on the ladder.

“Our skills maybe aren’t the best in the league but we are probably one of the fittest and put the most pressure on.”

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