Nomads top the table

From the Armidale Independent, 31/05/2006
It was the best of the year, and the worst of the year, for the New England Nomads on Saturday when the team moved to the top of the Tamworth Australian Football League ladder, defeating the Tamworth Kangaroos 13.10 (88) to 8.10 (58).

While the scoreline appears fairly conclusive, it was only in the final quarter when the Nomads put in their best performance of the year that the team pulled clear.

The game started fairly evenly with the Nomads pulling ahead in the second quarter. The Nomads went into the half-time break a few goals up but the third quarter saw the worst play of the year on behalf of the Nomads. An increase in intensity after a woeful third quarter allowed the Nomads to regain the lead and produce sufficient pressure to cause some cracks in the Roos discipline, resulting in a couple of costly 50-metre penalties near to the end.

For the second game running, the Nomads failed to fire on all cylinders for the whole game. Particularly in the third quarter, the Roo’s direct game held the Nomads backs and half-backs deep in their own half for lengthy periods.

NE Nomads publicity offi cer Jack Sartor said the Nomads’ weakness was in their decision making.

“There were a lot of stupid errors, skill errors, that gave them possession and goals.”

According to Sartor, one problem for the Nomads is a lack of consistency throughout the game with always at least one quarter lacking focus.

“Every game we’ve played so far we haven’t played well all game.”

The goals for the Nomads were shared around with seven players getting major scores: Sol Hanks (3), Adrian Walsh (2), Weston Whitby (2), Jack Sartor (2), Julian O’Grady (2), Ben Horne and Gus McKenzie.

Four Nomads players have been selected into the TAFL representative team. Following their performance in the City v Country trial, Tom Hunt, John Mahy, Rich Malone and Weston Whitby were chosen for the team.

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