Nomads in TAFL representative squad

Congratulations to Tom Hunt, John Mahy, Rich Malone and Weston Whitby. These players have been selected as part of the TAFL Representative Squad for 2006 following their performances in the City v Country trial match on Saturday. The Country team lost narrowly in a high scoring match in which Hunt, Malone and Ben Page got on the list of goal scorers. Tom Hunt and Weston Whitby were named among the best players for the Country side.

The squad will represent the TAFL in the Inter-League Challenge at Inverell on the weekend of the 10-11 June.

See the match report on the City v Country game for the full squad list.

3 Responses to “Nomads in TAFL representative squad”

  1. Gus Says:

    I wonder who picked the interleague team? there are only 4 nomads, yet the swans have 8 and the roos 5. I get the feeling a few guys got sold a little short. The roos and and swans make up half the team and the other 5 clubs in the league get shafted again. Way to go TAFL

  2. Ron Says:

    If they were randomly picking the 30-man squad from the seven teams, you would expect 30/7=4.29 players per team. So the Nomads, Inverell, Muswellbrook and Roos would be about right. Swans a bit high and Gunnedah and Inverell a bit low. I think probably not statistically significant, though.

    In reality, the expected values would have to be based not on the seven teams, but on the repesentation in the City v Country game. I have no idea how clubs were represented in the City and Country squads, but again if you assumed it was random then players from any of the City clubs would have a higher chance of ending up in the TAFL squad (as one third of the City squad would come from each team while one quarter of the Country squad comes from each team and hence City teams were better represented in the trial).

    Obviously, the City and Country squads were not selected randomly, and given Gunnedah’s early season form I would guess that the Swans and Roos dominated that side, while the Country squad may have been more balanced (maybe?).

    So while it is nice to have a moan occasionally, I think you would (given the low numbers and infrequent nature of TAFL squad selection) need to observe a Tamworth-centric trend over a number of years to demonstrate any kind of bias in the squad selection.

  3. Frank Drum Says:

    Good to seem some things don’t change Gus!
    As usual Gerry and his merry men from Tamworth have continued to assist in the “development” of AFL in the Tamworth Region.
    I have obviously not seen to many games in the last year or two, but a interleague team missing some of the following names surely can’t be the best team that can be picked:
    Horne, McKenzie, McGrath, Sartor, Drum, Hanks, Page, Rowlings, Patten, just to name a few.

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