Round 1 match details

Of the named squad, only Rhys O’Brien was missing come Saturday (through illness).

The final result was Nomads 11.9(75) def. Swans 7.10(52).

The Nomads goalkickers were: Glen Northway 2, Nathan Moran 2, Jack Sartor 2, Weston Whitby 2, Matt Maxwell 1, Mark Kelly 1, and Adrian Walsh 1

Best on ground for the Nomads: Tom Hunt, Angus McKenzie, Mark Kelly, Glen Northway, Joel Webber and John Mahy

Nomads player’s player was Mark Kelly, with honourable mentions to Tom Hunt and Joel Webber.

3 Responses to “Round 1 match details”

  1. concerned supporter Says:

    On my scorecard Starry kicked 2 and Satorius 1.

  2. Nomads Nuff Nuff Says:

    Sator definately had 2, Starry on the other hand only wanted a peice of the action and robbed the Voice of a 3rd goal. The Fonz faked cramps, didn’t see that on the scoreboard did we.

  3. concerned supporter Says:

    Who is “Sator”?

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