Nomads men and women forfeit to the Saints on July 8th,

July 23rd, 2023

On July 8th both the men’s and women’s teams forfeited to Inverell, in part due to uni holidays. Again not ideal. It has been one of those seasons.

Nomads men lack numbers in night game at Tamworth against the Roos. Women have a brave loss

July 23rd, 2023

On July 1 the Nomads men travelled to Tamworth to play a night game against the Tamworth Roos. Unfortunately there were College Events and some players took our name a little too seriously. As a result only 12 Nomads arrived to play. It was decided that a game would be played with some Roos players given to the Nomads. So the Roos were given 2 premiership points and then a game was played which the Nomads won (and so we received 2 points as well). Not at all ideal.

In the women’s game we lost, scoring 2.1.13 to the Roos 16.16.112. Goal-scorers for the Nomads were Anna Greenland and Sofia Dwyer. Many of the NOmads women have never played before but they are really coming on.

Clarrie Plays his 100th game as the Nomads have a big win against the Tamworth Swans

July 23rd, 2023

On June 24th Clarrie Barker played his 100th game for the Nomads. This is quite an achievement, as at 23 he is the youngest player to achieve this mielstone. Barker played his usually stellar game and kicked 3 goals to boot. The men’s team won quite decisively after a close first quarter.

The final score in the men’s game were 16.27.123 to 6.11.47.

In the women’s game, our Nomads girls had a tough-ish day at the office being beaten 2.0.12 to the Swans 17.15.117
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Fraser kicks 11 again as Nomads men beat the Gunnedah Bulldogs.

June 24th, 2023

On June the 4th 2023, the Nomads men had another win at the Bellevue Oval – the home of football. (Again this is being written– in Old Mate Says Mode – that is,relying on testimony). The Nomads got away to a flying start kicking 9 goals on the first quarter. Fraser Menzies kicked 11, Clarrie Barker 2, Cotter Litchfield (obviously playing up forward) 2 and the Big Fish Travis Salmon 2. Best players were Fraser Menzies, Clarrie Barker, Cotter Litchfield and Nick Leopardi. The final scores were the Nomads 22.25.157 to Gunnedah 4.7.31.

In the women’s game an understrength Nomads team battled brqvely against the experience of Gunnedah to lose 20.18.138 to 0.1,1. Things are on the up however and we look forward to closer games in the near future.

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Under-strength Nomads men lose to the Inverell Saints at Inverell.

June 23rd, 2023

On May 27th an understrength Nomads team lost to the Inverell Saints. Starting with only 16 players the Nomads were soon down to 15 after Tajo Quaife was injured. Fraser Menzies kicked 5 and Nick Leopardi kicked 2. Best players were Noah Connick, Nicholas Leopardi, Harry Dobson, Alec Oates Herrera, Quenten Tomasini, Fraser Menzies. (Apologies for the brief report – your correspondent was struck down with Legionaires disease.).

The final scores were 15.15. 105 to 8.7 55.

In the women’s game, the Nomads forfeited.

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