Celebrating 50 years of AFL at UNE logoThis year is the 50th Anniversary of the University of New England Australian National Football Club, one of the pioneers of footy in the region and antecedents of the Nomads.

Accordingly, the UNEANFC Old Boys and Girls and the New England Nomads will be joining together to celebrate the anniversary throughout the year.

The major event will be the UNEANFC Old Boys Day and Nomads Ball on Saturday 4 August, at Bellevue Oval and the Wicklow Hotel.

News about the celebrations along with articles from UNEANFC Old Boys and Girls will appear on this site throughout the year.

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  • Bulldogs def. Nomads
  • 26.15 (171) to 8.4 (52)
  • Suns def. by Swans
  • 3.7 (25) to 28.20 (188)
  • Roos def. Saints
  • 16.10 (106) to 9.7 (61)
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Celebrating 50 years of football at UNE
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