Round 13 2009: home v Inverell Saints

The team to play the Saints at Bellevue on 8 August is:

B Frost Schultz Hanks
HB Pearce M. Clayton Maxwell
C Reid Page J. Wright
HF MacLellan A. Walsh Hamilton
F Dunlop Dobos Bourke
R Temoso Trotman A. Wright

Interchange: Bailey, Redhead, K. Clayton, T. Walsh
Emergencies: Pett, Sawyer

Be at Bellevue by 12:30pm.

One Response to “Round 13 2009: home v Inverell Saints”

  1. Dave MacLellan Says:

    Congrats Mad Matt Maxwell on reaching 50 games on Saturday. Master brewer and a damn tough player. Although his fame only truely escalated with a hot tackle in 2007. Well done mate, lets crack a bottle of Chateau de Bellevue on Saturday evening to celebrate victory against the Saints.

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